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Un guide super pratique sur Starbucks À Shibuya, à Tokyo!

In Tokyo, there are many Starbucks stores located all over the city. This article will be a guide to the starbucks located in Shibuya!

Le guide ultime de Brunch autour de Shibuya, Tokyo

Even with all the food diversity around Tokyo, sometimes there's nothing like a big hearty brunch on a Sunday morning. (Especially after a night of drinking hm hm..) Here are the best spots to try brunch around Shibuya.

Madosh! Cafe - Harajuku/Shibuya : Avocado Lovers Must Go!!

Madosh! Cafe is a small restaurant near Harajuku and Shibuya stations. This restaurant is specialized in avocado dishes and has been very popular with all avocado lovers.

MOJA - Shibuya, Tokyo : Best Chicken and Waffles in Tokyo!

MOJA is a nice, relaxing cafe located in the center of Tokyo, Shibuya. It offers a variety of dishes, and one of the popular items is the American breakfast dish called "Chicken and Waffle", which you can rarely find in Tokyo.

Essayez ces excellents restaurants d'okonomikyakis à Shibuya, Tokyo!

L'okonomiyaki est certainement un met incontournable de la cuisine japonaise et les voyageurs aiment vraiment l'essayer. Les Japonais ont du mal à expliquer aux touristes ce qu'est l'okonomiyaki. On le décrit parfois comme une pizza à la japonaise. Mais en fait, une description plus juste serait plutôt un mélange entre une crêpe et une omelette, farcie avec tous les ingrédients que vous aimez. D'où le nom お 好 み 焼 き "Okonomiyaki" qui signifie "cuisinez ce que vous aimez".

5 Best Soba Restaurants in Shibuya!

You definitely should try soba when you came to Japan. Soba is a Japanese traditional noodle dish which has unique flavors. Here is a list of the most popular soba restaurants to go to in Shibuya. The list includes everything from a Michelin-starred restaurant to a fast-food soba shop.

Shibuya Bars and Pubs: Scramble Cafe & Bar

Scramble Cafe & Bar is probably the closest bar in proximity to Shibuya station! Literally across from the station under the tracks is this tidy cafe & bar serving up food and drinks from morning til the wee hours of the morning. If you're looking for a place to quench your thirst within a hop, skip, and jump from Shibuya station - this is it!

Where to Go for the Best Kushikatsu and Kushiage in Tokyo

Here are eight amazing places to get kushikatsu and kushiage in Tokyo! Nothing better than eating a crunchy breaded piece of meat on a stick! Kushiage and Kushikatsu is a popular pub-style Japanese dish that can only be described as crunchy deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables. Kinda like tempura on a stick but dipped in a sweet and salty sauce! Particularly popular with city workers and students, these restaurants are great for food and drinks after a long days work!

7 restaurants Yakitori sélectionnés à Shibuya, Tokyo

Nous présentons quelques restaurants populaires "yakitori" à Shibuya! Après une longue journée de travail, vous voudrez bien boire un verre? A ces restaurants yakitori, vous pourrez profiter à la fois du délicieux yakitori et des boissons froides!

Alimentation végétarienne à Shibuya, Tokyo

Being a vegetarian in Tokyo isn't simple. Meat dishes are very popular and fish broth is widely used in Japanese cuisine. You can find a few vegetarian plates at almost any restaurant, but the choices tend to be quite limited. Vegetarian restaurants are starting to pop up all over Tokyo. Let's explore vegetarian cuisine in Shibuya!

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