Updated: February 07, 2018
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Four Awesome Danso Butler Cafes In Akihabara!

If you want to be treated like royalty by suave women dressed in men's clothes, you have to check out these places in Akihabara!

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Akihabara's Danso Butler Cafes With Suave Women Hosts

"Danso" means to dress in men's wear, so "danso butlers" are actually women that have a suave masculine attitude. If you go to a danso butler cafe, you'll be treated like a princess. These cafes are somewhat of an equivalent to the more popular maid cafes, but they cater mostly to female customers (men are also welcome). Akihabara is a great place to enjoy them! There are four great danso butler cafes within a 5-minute walk from the JR Akihabara Station. Here they are.

Queen Dolce

Recruit http://akibakotower.com/
Queen Dolce offers girls and guys the experience to be treated like a princess by suave girls dressed in men's clothes. The staff serving you are called "garçons" which is French for boys or waiters. Each garçon specializes in making one particular drink. So choose the drink (or garçon) that tickles your fancy and he'll make it for you with his signature style. This is a cafe as well, so they have a good selection of non-alcoholic drinks. The whole atmosphere is relaxing and the theme of the cafe-bar, aside from the garçons, is cards. So you can play cards with them while chatting. The place also does anime and game collaborative events with other companies so the garçons are quite knowledgeable about that.


Cast zero 1 http://desperado.tokyo/
Another bar with danso hostesses is Desperado. The atmosphere here is classical European. The hostesses called rogues are all smooth-talkers and hospitable. Men and women are welcome, but people under 18 cannot enter. It costs ¥800 per hour to be there and one drink per hour is required. There is a ¥300 discount for women that choose a table seat (counter seats are ¥800 for everyone). All cocktail drinks -which are very popular- are ¥950. If you feel fancier, you can get Champagne as well. They have a food menu and sweets for people seeking a more cafe-like experience.
Cast siranui 1 http://desperado.tokyo/


Makotozakaya's theme is "bakumatsu", which means the closing days of the Tokugawa shogunate. The interior decor is traditional Japanese with low tables and cushions on the floor, and the girls wear men's traditional kimono but with modern Japanese-host style hairdos. It costs ¥800 per hour to be there, and unlike the other danso butler cafes, this place is opened until late (5 AM from Tuesday to Saturday, 23:00 on Sunday and Monday). It costs ¥800 for men (¥500 past 23:00) and ¥500 for women per hour. Alcoholic drinks are about 900¥. You can also get some sweets such as a Japanese-style parfait.

Teikoku Geihinkan

Teikoku Geihinkan means imperial reception hall. You'll be greeted by women in military-style attire inspired by cosplay fashion. There are about 10 imperial soldiers at your service that you can chat with. What's nice here is that there's an all-you-can-drink course that is ¥900 (plus an ¥800 entry fee), so you don't feel the pressure to drink more (many host and hostess-themed bars in Japan will pressure you to finish your drinks). They serve food as well and have seasonal menu items.
Main http://teikoku-geihin.com/
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