The Best Reasonably-Priced Restaurants In Kyoto!

Incredible restaurants in Kyoto does not have to equal blowing your budget, in fact, these restaurants are incredible and are moderately priced. You'll have a wonderful experience in an unforgettable city!

Kyoto City

Unbelievable 330¥ Ramen In Tokyo at Rinrin, in Adachi-ku

In Kitasenju, a ramen restaurant of long standing is serving its ramen for just ¥330. Not only is it cheap, but the quality is good too! The broth is made from a mix of chicken, fish and pork. The noodles match that perfectly. Try it out yourself.


Cat Cafes In Fukuoka, Or Where To Make A Fluffy Friend

Here is the list of the places you should visit while in Fukuoka to have a truly relaxing time petting a fluffy cat and drinking coffee. If you miss your pet back home, or if you're need of some relaxing time, stop by one of these fun cat cafes!

Fukuoka City

J.S Curry has a new location in Shibuya! Serves different kinds of curry too!

The popular curry restaurant J.S Curry has opened a new restaurant in Shibuya. The new restaurant also serves a type of curry you can only order there, the Sammaan Curry. The new dish is made with a tumeric roux and with a nice-sized piece of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and cabbage!


Popular Gay Bars In Yokohama

If you're in Yokohama looking for a gay bar, you should probably head to Nogemachi in Naka-ku because that's where most of them are. The nearest station to that area is Sakuragicho.


All About The Awesome Ouchi-juku In Fukushima Prefecture!

Planning to visit the Tohoku region and Fukushima Prefecture? Then you should definitely consider visiting the little historic gem of Ouchi-juku, located near Aizu. Here's all you need to know about this unique place.


Why You Should Visit The Tsuruga Castle In Tohoku!

This article gives you all the information you need about the Tsuruga Castle in Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture. The stunning castle is a former stronghold of the Edo period and is one of the most impressive structure of its kind in all of Japan. The site is particularly impressive during the cherry blossoms season!


The Best Teppanyaki (Japanese-Style Steak House) In Fukuoka

Teppanyaki is Japanese method of cooking steak or seafood over an iron plate. If you haven't tried it yet, it's not only an incredibly fun experience, but a delightful way to eat steak!

Fukuoka City

Awesome Yakitori Restaurants You Need To Try in Fukuoka!

Here is a list of the must-try yakitori restaurants in Fukuoka! Enjoy and have a wonderful evening!

Fukuoka City

Where To Get The Best Yakiniku In Fukuoka!

When faced with the difficult task of finding a restaurant in a new city, you first have to narrow what you want to eat, and then where. When in Japan, "yakiniku" (Japanese/Korean BBQ) is a must-try and these restaurants are simply the best. There. Now you can concentrate on sight-seeing! You can thank us later.

Fukuoka City

Niwakaya Chosuke: Deep-Flavored Udon At This Hakata Izakaya

Hakata (Fukuoka) is renowned as a gourmet spot in Japan. What's all the rage in Hakata right now are udon izakayas. The wave has now arrived in Tokyo with Niwakaya Chosuke. If you want some blissfully delicious udon in an izakaya atmosphere, that's the place you should go!


Ebisu Pan: Some Damn Good Cheap Bread Rolls In Ebisu, Tokyo

All the savoury and sweet bread rolls at Ebisu Pan (えびすぱん) are under ¥300. The fillings are super nice and fresh because the cafe gets everything directly from local producers. The bread is from a famous bakery in Tokyo too! This is the perfect place for a cheap lunch in Ebisu!


Awesome Ramen At Nonokura In Kameari, Tokyo!

Only a 4 minute walk from Kameaki Station, Nonokura has been the talk of the town since it's opening last year. The home-made noodles are really what sets them apart from the rest. Our curiosity got the best of us so we had to check it out for ourselves.


For A Whopping 360g Burger, Stop By Whoopi Goldburger In Shibuya, Tokyo!

Whoopi Goldburger in Shibuya serves up a 360g burger made with three meat patties! If you have a craving for burgers and have packed an appetite, come try the Charlotte Gainsburger!


Bia Hoi Chop Serves Some Tasty Spicy Pho in Nakano, Tokyo

Bia Hoi Chop is a Vietnamese restaurant only 6 minutes away from Nakano Station. A lot of Vietnamese restaurants in Tokyo use dry noodles to make their meals, however, if you're looking for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, you should stop by Bia Hoi Chop in Nakano.


Luscious Udon In Shinjuku At Itteki Hassenya!

Looking for a good noodle spot in Shinjuku? If so, consider Itteki Hassenya! It serves for lunch a half and half special for which you can have two dishes of udon noodles that are dangerously addictive. Also, the place turns into an izakaya at night where you can have Shikoku-style oden!


Try Some Blissfully Delicious Conger Eel At Ginza Hirai, Tokyo!

There is a famous restaurant in Ginza that specializes in anago (conger eel). Anago is a saltwater eel different from the more popular unagi (freshwater eel). The place you have to go for some of the best anago is Ginza Hirai. They serve it simmered and grilled!


Où obtenir la meilleure cuisine végétarienne à Fukuoka!

Being a vegetarian in Japan isn't simple. Meat dishes are very popular and fish broth is widely used in Japanese cuisine. You can find a few vegetarian plates at almost any restaurant, but the choices tend to be quite limited. Vegetarian restaurants are starting to pop up all over Japan. Let's explore vegetarian cuisine in Fukuoka!

Fukuoka City

Tantanmen épicé et tingly de Yurimbo vous devez essayer dans Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo!

This is a kind of outstanding Sichuanese noodle dish you can rarely find in Tokyo. The spiciness comes from Chinese oils and the tingly sensations come from Japanese pepper (sansho). Coupled with a rich sauce and an abundance of toppings, this Chinese restaurant is a must try for those who like the spicy cuisine!


Must-Try Unagi (Eel) Restaurants à Fukuoka!

Unagi est le mot japonais pour l'anguille molle. C'est un type de friandise qui a été très populaire pendant des siècles, et la cuisine est restée très authentique. Pour une expérience culinaire japonaise par excellence, vous devez essayer unagi. Vous devez essayer ces restaurants à Fukuoka pour une expérience culinaire vraiment authentique!


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