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Rangetsu Ginza: SUBLIME wagyu shabu shabu and sukiyaki in Tokyo!

Looking for a place to have delectable wagyu beef as part of a gorgeous Japanese style course? Then Rangetsu in Ginza is definitely a great option to consider!


Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511: exquisite dinner couses and affordable lunch sets

This restaurant is one of the best known in the city for Kobe Beef. They served both high-end Kobe Beef courses and very reasonably-priced lunchtime set meals with Kobe beef prepared in multiple ways!


That's Omurice?? Tokyo Cafe Serves Order-Made Omurice Masterpieces!

'Cafe Tint' is a small cafe tucked away in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. The cafe's signature menu item is its omurice, which can be fully customized with more than 13,000 possible combinations! They don't just look good, however, they also taste fantastic by any omurice standard!


The Most Difficult-to-Get Ramen in Japan: 'Ariran Ramen'

There's a special type of ramen called 'Ariran Ramen' that can only be found at a few ramen shops in the mountains of Chiba prefecture. It's the most difficult-to-get ramen in Japan not just because of the remoteness of the shops, but also because there's often a long line of customers waiting to eat it!

How do Japanese People Hold Chopsticks? (+ Guide With Pictures!)

As long as you can get your food from the plate to your mouth, does it really matter how you hold your chopsticks? Apparently, if you ask many Japanese people, they will tell you that it does. Don't worry, This article will show you the proper technique, along with a trick to help you train!

Teppanyaki Grow Ueno: Excellent place for teppan style wagyu beef!

Looking for some A5 wagyu beef done teppan style? Then teppanyaki Grow in Ueno is an excellent option. Here's what you need to know about this popular restaurant.


Teppanyaki Grow Roppongi: Experience wagyu perfectly cooked teppan style

Teppanyaki Grow in Roppongi offers an excellent teppanyaki experience featuring A5 aged wagyu beef.


Shinjukju Tsukemen Guide: 10 Best Tsukemen Shops in the Shinjuku Area

Tsukemen (dipping ramen) is extremely popular these days! In Shinjuku, one of Tokyo's ramen hubs, we've found 10 of the very best shops that serve outstanding tsukemen and are presenting them here in this article. Enjoy!


Deep Dive Into Ramen on an Awesome Ramen Tour in Tokyo!

If you're in Tokyo and interested in learning about ramen from one of Tokyo's most knowledgable ramen experts, you've got to try a ramen tour with Frank. Whether you want to try a bunch of bowls of ramen in one tour, get insider information about the best shops, or try making your own ramen, there's a tour to fit your needs!

Cheap Eats in Yokohama (Delicious Yet Inexpensive Restaurants To Try!)

Looking for a place to get an affordable yet delicious meal in the glamorous city of Yokohama? Here's a list of 5 reasonably-priced restaurants of various genres to help you out. Enjoy!


Budonoki in Ginza: incredible desserts and afternoon tea sets

Ginza Budonoki is a classic cafe of long-standing in Ginza. It serves some exquisite desserts and afternoon tea sets that use an abundance of seasonal fruits and other top-quality ingredients.


Il y aura un nouveau café Pokémon à Osaka!

There's going to be a new Pokemon cafe opening in Osaka on September 20th! To celebrate the opening, there will be a special Meowth menu item available at the Osaka and Tokyo locations!

Osaka City

Shinjuku Ramen in Pictures (Find a Ramen Shop Based on Photos!)

Shinjuku is one of Tokyo's ramen hubs, with dozens of top-notch shops to choose from. Here are pictures of some of the very best bowls in the city to help narrow your search! Click on 'More Info' to see the map.


Mister Donut offre 5 délicieux beignes de patates douces cet automne!

Through the end of October, Mister Donut stores in Japan are offering 5 kinds of sweet potato-flavored donuts that are perfect for the autumn season. Check out the flavors below:

5 Shops in Tokyo with Must-Try Scrumptious Sweet Potato Desserts!

It's almost autumn, and in Japan, that means sweet potato season! Japanese sweet potatoes are wonderfully sweet and delicious even just when roasted and eaten plain, but are also used to make a variety of sweets that are simply delectable. Here is a list of 5 places to go in Tokyo for a special sweet potato treat!

Discover Ginza Restaurants by Pictures!

Ginza is filled with excellent restaurants serving every kind of Japanese food imaginable, so it can be difficult to decide what to eat. Instead of reading through pages of information, just browse through these photos until you see something that looks good and click 'More Info' to get the details.


'Uozman': quite possibly the best seafood izakaya in Kawasaki

The independent seafood izakaya Uozman in Kawasaki is a local sensation. Try their entrees, gorgeous sashimi platters or their delectable fish skewers for some pure Japanese izakaya magic.

Insane 'Super Cheeseburger' at Burger & Milkshake Crane in Tokyo

Located near Suehirocho in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Burger & Milkshake Crane serves one of Tokyo's most over-the-top cheeseburger called the Super Cheeseburger. Here's all you need to know about the famous item.


'Pasta of Despair': Addictively delicious pasta in Shibuya and Shinjuku

Home's Pasta (Shibuya main location / Shinjuku branch) serves what many people consider the best pasta in Tokyo. The signature dish is called 'Pasta of Despair'. Here's all you need to know about it.


Tokyo Midnight Gourmet: 5 Delicious Spots in Kabukicho Open All Night!

Kabukicho is probably the most famous nightlife spot in Tokyo, if not all of Japan. In the midst of all the bars, clubs, and other...establishments, there are some fantastic places to get an insanely delicious bite to eat, even if it's well past midnight. Here are 5 such places!


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Meilleurs endroits pour essayer les célèbres crêpes moelleuses japonaises à Tokyo!


12 choses à faire à Dotonbori (près du signe de Glico Man), Osaka

Osaka City

12 meilleurs restaurants pour manger du bœuf Kobe à Kobé (abordable à haut de gamme)


10 Impossible Cool Bars à Shinjuku, Tokyo


Menu spécial McDonald's japonais et prix

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[Tokyo] Des poissons japonais frais servis à la mode 'Californian Poke'!


Bols De Porc Géant Au Buta Daigaku à Shinjuku!

Foods hunter

Juste attrapé ce matin! Mangez du poisson du Japon (en un seul endroit!)


Haneda Ichiba Ginza 7 sert des sushis d'une fraîcheur imbattable à Tokyo


Des parfaits raffinés et riches accompagnés de liqueur par coisof à Ginza


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Il y aura un nouveau café Pokémon à Osaka!

20 sept., Ven ~ 14 nov., Jeu.

Mister Donut offre 5 délicieux beignes de patates douces cet automne!

Sept. 06, ven ~ 31 octobre, jeu

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