Les meilleurs restaurants chinois que vous devriez visiter au Japon!
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5 Chinese Restaurants In Shinjuku That We Highly Recommend!

If you're looking for some of the best Chinese restaurants in Shinjuku, here are 5 good options that are mostly cheap and have a great atmosphere too.

Dim Sum in Yokohama's Chinatown: Here's Where you Should Go!

The Chinatown in Yokohama is one of the city's most visited area. When you go there, it's all about the food! There are countless delicious Chinese restaurants serving dim sums of a quality hard to find elsewhere in Japan. The number of restaurants might overwhelm you so here are our best picks!

China Blue Tokyo: Cuisine chinoise haut de gamme à Tokyo

China Blue Tokyo est un restaurant chinois haut de gamme, moderne et époustouflant, situé à l'hôtel Conrad à Minato, Tokyo. Pour un déjeuner d'affaires ou un dîner romantique, vous ne pouvez pas vous tromper ici!

Meilleure cuisine chinoise à Okinawa!

Voici les endroits possibles pour essayer la cuisine chinoise impressionnante à Naha, Okinawa! Vous trouverez ici les meilleurs gyozas, ramen, etc. à tous les types de restos, des trous dans le mur aux restos haut de gamme. Prendre plaisir!

Chinese Restaurants in Fukuoka For All Budgets!

If you're craving Chinese food while travelling in Fukuoka, here are the must-try restaurants. No matter your budget, we've got a great recommendation for you!

5 Best Chinese Restaurants You Must Try In Sapporo!

Chinese cuisine, often referred to as "chuka ryori", is popular throughout Japan, and Hokkaido is no exception. This article will present the very best Chinese restaurant in the beautiful city of Sapporo. The city has a rich food culture, and chuka is part of it so don't overlook these amazing places while you're in Sapporo.

What is Yokohama's Must Eat Cuisine?

Here are the must-try dishes while enjoying a wonderful stay in Yokohama! Be sure to pack an appetite because there is so much tasty food to try!

Les meilleurs restaurants de Pékin à Tokyo!

Si vous avez envie de la cuisine de Pékin, voici quelques-uns des meilleurs restaurants à essayer à Tokyo! Prendre plaisir!

"Rishotan Shosaikan" à Kinshicho, Tokyo: nouilles de riz tendres dans un succulent, riche ragoût fait avec des morceaux de viande en cubes!

At Rishotan Shosaikan in Kinshicho, Tokyo, you can enjoy Chinese Hunan cuisine that is made with superb homemade rice noodles topped with "kakuni" (stewed cubed pieced of meat).

Old-School Ramen & Gyoza to Line Up For: "Juban" in Higashi Nakano, Tokyo

Venturing out towards Nakano along the Chuo line is Higashi Nakano - Nakano's little brother to the east. Here you'll find a long street called Ginza with a number of little shops and eateries. A local's favourite here is "Juban" a down-to-earth diner-style eatery with a friendly charm. The food is worth lining up for!

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"Rishotan Shosaikan" à Kinshicho, Tokyo: nouilles de riz tendres dans un succulent, riche ragoût fait avec des morceaux de viande en cubes!


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