How About a Delicious Japanese-Style Parfait this Summer?

Parfaits are hugely popular in Japan. Sometimes you feel like every restaurant has it on their menu. And, well it's delicious all year round, but it's particularly good in the summer. Loaded with fruits, and ice cream. It's refreshing and sweet. How about trying a limited edition summer parfait or a parfait made with delicious summer fruits? Yesssss!

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London's Latest Trend, Cotton Candy Ice Cream Lands Tokyo!

Have you ever tried cotton candy? What about ice cream? You might be thinking, is that even a question? Well, how about cotton candy AND ice cream together? Now you might be wondering, what does it look like and how does it taste like? Let's figure it out together!


Three Twins Ice Cream Has Finally Arrived In Japan!!

Three Twins Ice Cream is the number 1 USDA Organic ice cream abroad and is finally available in Japan too!

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512 Cafe & Grill sert des crêpes moelleuses à Roppongi, Tokyo

Au 512 Cafe & Grill à Roppongi, leur plat de spécialité est la crêpe brûlée super moelleuse. Avant de cuire la crêpe, ils ajoutent de la meringue au mélange de crêpes afin que la crêpe devienne très douce. Vous devez l'essayer par vous-même!

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The Ultimate Nagoya Guide For Food Lovers: 12 Nagoya Specialties

Visiting Nagoya? The most important thing to do when visiting the city is definitely eating 'Nagoya meshi,' the local cuisine of Nagoya. Nagoya, located in Aichi Prefecture, is famous for its unique and incredibly delicious dishes such as miso katsu and hitsumabushi. Here are the top 12 dishes in Nagoya that you must try, plus recommended restaurants. Enjoy!


2 Simple Japanese Pudding (Purin) Recipes You Need To Try At Home!

Would you like to try a super popular Japanese dessert recipe at home? Here are two simple recipes you can try: Japanese purin and the matcha version. Yummm

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5 of the Best Places to Try 'Melon Pan' (Melon Bread) In Tokyo!

Have you ever tried melon pan? It is a unique bread you can only find in Japan! There are many melon pan stands located in Tokyo, but this article will introduce 5 of the very best! Enjoy, and happy melon pan eating!


Unique Osaka Cafes Worth Seeking out! (7 of the Best in the City)

Searching for a cafe in Osaka that's got personality and delicious coffee? We've got you covered! This guide will introduce 7 cafes that are unique, tasty, and totally worth visiting.


12 BEST Places To Have Sublime Desserts In Tokyo!

These are the must-try famous dessert places in Tokyo! We've included some dessert buffets, traditional desserts, ice cream parlours (matcha, sesame), famous fancy fruit parlours, and more! Every address is located near a main station of Tokyo.


GOMAYA KUKI: Richest Ice Cream Made From Sesame Is In Harajuku, Tokyo!

GOMAYA KUKI is now located in Harajuku (previous store was in Omotesando). Ever since their opening in 2017, they have been attracting countless individuals with their "the world's richest sesame ice cream!"! They are now tremendously popular among all ages, let's find out why!


Harajuku Crêpes | 9 meilleurs spots

Connu principalement pour ses styles de mode uber-mignon et alternatif, Harajuku a une autre revendication de la célébrité - Crepes! Assurez-vous d'ajouter cela à votre liste de choses à faire à Harajuku et laissez beaucoup de place à manger, car ces crêpes peuvent devenir assez addictif.


Ultimate Guide: 11 Best Ice Cream Shops In Tokyo!

This article will introduce some of the best ice cream stands and shops in Tokyo!


15 meilleures choses à faire à Harajuku, au centre de Tokyo!

Peu importe combien de fois vous visitez Tokyo, au Japon, Harajuku est toujours l'un des meilleurs endroits à explorer. Pourquoi? Harajuku est l'endroit le plus branché de Tokyo, peut-être même du Japon! Du plus classique au plus branché, voici une liste de choses à faire à Harajuku!


3 Must-try Cheesecakes à Shibuya

Avez-vous déjà essayé Cheesecakes au Japon? Il existe une variété de tchèques que vous pouvez choisir, des gâteaux au fromage japonais aux gâteaux au fromage de style new-yorkais. Voici une liste de Cheesecakes à Shibuya, Tokyo.


4 Selected Restaurants to Eat "ANMITSU", A Japanese Traditional Dessert, In Ueno, Tokyo!

Anmitsu is a traditional Japanese dessert that people in Japan love to eat during the summer! Ice cream, mochi rice balls called shiratama, agar jelly with red bean paste are put together to create the harmony of flavors of the anmitsu Japanese dessert.


Le guide ultime de la crème glacée japonaise!

Avez-vous déjà essayé des saveurs de crème glacée japonaise? Peut-être que beaucoup de gens connaissent peut-être la glace au thé vert ou la glace au mochi, mais il y a tellement plus à découvrir! Cet article vous présentera différentes glaces que vous pouvez essayer au Japon! Ils sont dangereusement addictifs!


6 Magasins de chocolat recommandés à Tokyo!

Tout le monde aime le chocolat, n'est-ce pas? Nous avons donc fait une liste d'endroits où vous pouvez acheter des chocolats au Japon! Pourquoi ne pas en faire un souvenir pour votre famille et vos amis?


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