What is Narutomaki? (The White and Pink Thing on Ramen)

What's the white and pink emoji? What is the swirl thing in ramen? What does it taste like? Why is it a ramen topping? Find out below!


Ginza's Fanciest Ramen Features Wagyu Beef and Is Totally Worth ¥1,500!

Ginza's fanciest ramen can be found at re:Dine Ginza, one of the most interesting concept restaurants in Tokyo. It features 3 different meats, including amazing wagyu beef that melts in your mouth as you eat it. For those searching for outstanding ramen in Ginza, this is as luxurious as it gets!


Ichiran Ramen Now Has A Muslim-Friendly Shop In Shinjuku, Tokyo

Ichiran has just opened in Tokyo its first branch ever serving pork-free and alcohol-free ramen. Give it a try! The new restaurant is located in Shinjuku.


8 Wonderful Restaurants In Ginza!

Ginza is quite a popular place for tourists and people living in Tokyo because there are just so many things to do and great foods to enjoy! Here are eight of the best restaurants the district has to offer.


Day Trip to Hakone: Top 7 Restaurants in Hakone

Nothing beats a day trip to Hakone! With so much to do in the area focus more on the other stuff and leave the food planning up to us. Eat at one of the great restaurants nearby Gora station, the main transfer hub in Hakone. Here are the top 7 restaurants around Gora station that won't break the bank!


La meilleure tasse de nouilles ramen au Japon, selon les Japonais!

Voici les ramen de coupe les mieux sélectionnés selon les Japonais! Lorsque vous parcourez une épicerie au Japon, vous pourriez être submergé par des centaines de choix.


10 Best Ginza Ramen: Ramen Connoisseurs' Selection 2019

Ginza is known for its chic boutiques and expensive restaurants. However, there are some ramen joints that are amazingly good, original, and not at Ginza-esque prices! You should definitely try these 10 selected restaurants!


11 magasins Ramen vous devez aller à avant de mourir à Ikebukuro, Tokyo

La sortie est de la station d'Ikebukuro est le point chaud pour ramen. Voici les restaurants de ramen tous les amants de ramen ont été au moins une fois. Des restaurants bien établis et ceux qui ont montré la vraie force aux chaînes de magasins, tous ceux-ci sont très populaires. Un total de 11 restaurants ont fait la coupe d'un total de près de 200 joints de ramen à Ikebukuro. Vous pouvez effectivement avoir du mal à décider lequel aller.


Afuri Ramen, un Must-Try Ramen Joint à Tokyo!

Afuri Ramen a ouvert son restaurant à Ebisu il y a plus de 10 ans. Ce qui les distingue, c'est que leurs ramen sont composés de poulet, de "dashi" (bouillon de poisson), de "konbu" (algue) et de yuzu (un agrume japonais). C'est délicieux et très addictif!

Lili Wanderlust

Welcome to Matsumoto! Here Is a List of Restaurants You Should Try

Matsumoto (松本) is in Nagano Prefecture.It sits at the foot of the Japanese Alps, in the heart of Japan. It is a beautiful city with most famous for Matsumoto castle and the city is also convenient to have trips to Kamikochi and Norikura where you can enjoy hiking seeing amazing views. Come visit Matsumoto and try some great food in these popular restaurants!


NAKIRYU 龍 龍 (dragon hurlant): Epic Ramen Joint à Tokyo. Avec l'étoile Michelin pour le prouver!

Vous cherchez le meilleur ramen à Tokyo? Ensuite, vous devez essayer Nakiryu dans Otsuka. C'est l'un des deux seuls magasins ramen qui ont obtenu une étoile Michelin. Voici un guide (menu, prix, astuces, etc.) que vous devriez lire avant votre visite.


7 Best Ramen Shops Near Ameyoko Street, Ueno

The Ueno area has a lot of attractions including the Ueno Zoo, art museums and Ameyoko street. Ameyoko street is crowded every day because of its cool shops and delicious food. One of the best types of food on offer in the area is ramen!! Here's our top 7 ramen joints near Ameyokocho.


Kagari: Vous devez essayer le beau ramen crémeux à Ginza!

Vous cherchez le meilleur ramen à Tokyo? Visitez Kagari, l'un des magasins ramen les plus célèbres de Ginza, et vous aurez une excellente et unique expérience ramen.


Best Ramen in Hakodate, Hokkaido - A List of 5 Most Popular Ramen Shops

When you come to Hakodate, Hokkaido, you need to have ramen! Hakodate has a bunch of great ramen shops that attracts both locals and visitors. There is also a local specialty ramen called "Hakodate ramen" worth trying too. Here is a list of top ramen shops you should give it a try.


Only 4 Ramen Shops in Japan Have a Michelin Star. Here They Are:

From among the thousands and thousands of ramen restaurants around Japan, just four have earned the special honor of a Michelin Star. In case you're curious, we've introduced those four shops below!


Les 10 meilleurs Ramen Shops à Sapporo

Hokkaido est célèbre pour le miso ramen. Cependant, il y a beaucoup d'autres types de ramen uniques dans la ville de Sapporo autres que le miso ramen que vous devriez essayer. Voici quelques exemples de magasins de ramen populaires que les gens aiment et que vous aussi!


7 Exquisite Ramen Joints In Yokohama

Visiting Yokohama? There are many things to do there; shopping, going to some museums, amusement parks, and eating ramen. Yokohama has thousands of ramen shops and also has invented a local ramen called "Iekei ramen" which is popular throughout Japan today. Here is a list of the most popular ramen shops around Yokohama!


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