Les meilleurs restaurants, vous pouvez profiter de Tonkatsu [Japon: Tonkatsu] au Japon! Tonkatsu est une côtelette traditionnelle japonaise avec filet ou longe de porc frits. Il sera souvent servi avec du chou râpé. Les sauces garnies sont variées, telles que le miso, la sauce de soja, etc. Tonkatsu, en plus d'être servi comme un plat unique, il est également rempli dans un sandwich ou ajouté avec du riz au curry.
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Area Guide Around Daimon Station, Tokyo

If you are in the Daimon Station area, here are some interesting things you could do.

Ginza Bairin - Ginza, Tokyo : Heavenly, Traditional Katsudon That You Need To Try!

Have you ever tried a Japanese popular dish katsudon? It is a kind of rice bowl dish which is topped with tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet) and eggs. If you are planning to eat katsudon in Tokyo, you should go to an old-established restaurant called "Ginza Bairin" which serves a special type of katsudon!

Tonkatsu Maruichi - Kamata, Tokyo : Top Tonkatsu Restaurant Worth Waiting For!

Tonkatsu is one of the most popular Japanese dishes you should have when you come to Japan. It is deep-fried pork which is coated with crunchy "panko". Tonkatsu Maruichi is one of the best tonkatsu restaurants in Tokyo, where people often wait in line to try their incredible, yet reasonably priced tonkatsu!

Suzushin - Yotsuya, Tokyo : Delicious Big And Crispy Katsudon!

Suzushin is a famous tonkatsu restaurant in Yotsuya area. Tonkatsu is Japanese deep fried pork. It is often served on a bowl of rice after being simmered in soup with eggs, it is called "katsudon". Suzushin is well known for the katsudon, but is slightly different from the regular katsudon.

Cold Katsudon!? A Popular Summer Specialty at The Famous Shop "Katsukichi", Tokyo!

Katsukichi is a long-established tonkatsu (deep fried pork) shop in Tokyo. There are 3 locations, Shibuya, Marunouchi, and Hibiya. They are famous for delicious katsudon (tonkatsu over a rice bowl), and especially cold katsudon served in summer!

Tonki - The BEST And Traditional Tonkatsu Experience

Have you ever tried Tonkatsu? It is a deep fried pork cutlet, one of the most popular Japanese dish you should try. The best place to eat tonkatsu is the long-established restaurant called "Tonki" in Meguro, Tokyo. Here is a guide to Tonki you should read before you visit!

How to Make Japan's Greatest Sandwich, the Katsu Sando!

Sandwiches are, of course not, a traditional food in Japan. Nevertheless, ever since the Japanese have adopted this element of the Western food culture, they have been very creative in the way they make them! The "katsu sando" is one of those great Japanese adaptations that so many people love. Here's how to make it.

Joto Curry In Sibuya, Tokyo. Here's What To Get!

"Joto Curry" is a famous curry chain in Osaka, and now it has arrived in Tokyo! You can enjoy the sweet and spicy Osaka-style curry in Tokyo, Shibuya!

Excursion d'une journée à Hakone: Top 7 des restaurants de Hakone

Nothing beats a day trip to Hakone! With so much to do in the area focus more on the other stuff and leave the food planning up to us. Eat at one of the great restaurants nearby Gora station, the main transfer hub in Hakone. Here are the top 7 restaurants around Gora station that won't break the bank!

Delicious Japanese food in Haneda International Airport

Haneda International airport has many great restaurants including authentic Japanese food. Here is a list of recommended restaurants so that you can enjoy delicious Japanese food right after you arrive or before you leave Japan.

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