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Les meilleurs restaurants, vous pouvez profiter de Yakiniku [焼 肉: Yakiniku] au Japon! Yakiniku est un mot japonais pour "viande grillée". La viande et les légumes sont grillés sur une flamme et cuits au barbecue. Yakiniku est un excellent plat à déguster avec un groupe d'amis. Un petit gril avec du charbon de bois est placé au milieu de la table et vous pouvez griller différentes sortes de viande et de légumes par vous-même.
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Akabane Station And 5 Of Its Best Yakiniku Restaurants!

Akabane Station, just north of Ikebukuro is perhaps often overlooked by tourists. It has some great restaurants however. Among them are some really popular yakiniku places. Here are 5 of the best located at a short walking distance from the Akabane Station!

Yakiniku Near Shinagawa Station: 5 Selected Restaurants!

Shinagawa is a major station in Tokyo located to the south of the city. Shinkansen trains pass through the station so you'll find many tourists and people leaving on business trips there. It also has its fair share of good yakiniku restaurants! If you feel like eating grilled meat while you're staying or transiting in Shinagawa, here are some restaurants you should check out!

Top 10 Yakiniku Restaurants In Roppongi, Tokyo

Roppongi is a very busy district with a wide selection of yakiniku (grilled beef) restaurants. If you walk around trying to decide where to go aimlessly, you will find yourself tired. So, this article will introduce 10 yakiniku restaurants that you should visit.

For Meat Lovers: Here's A Must-Go Restaurant Called Meat Market In Koenji, Tokyo!

Meat Market is a yakiniku restaurant that doesn't only have the famous and beloved Japanese-style grilled meat, but also meat sushis and the super popular roast beef bowl! Here's more on this shop.

Have an Exclusive but Casual Yakiniku Experience at Gyu Kaku in Japan!

Gyu Kaku is a popular Yakiniku chain in Japan. Yakiniku is basically a Japanese bbq. Gyu Kaku has expanded its stores outside of Japan. If you are looking for a delicious Yakiniku experience at reasonable prices, definitely check out Gyu Kaku!

Voici The Lowdown On Where To Eat Around Tokyo Dome!

Looking for somewhere to eat around Tokyo Dome. There's plenty to choose from which makes it hard to find a decent place to grab some lunch or head out for dinner after exploring for the day! Here's 5 great places to try out around Tokyo Dome.

For Meat Lovers - Best Gyutan Steak Restaurants in Tokyo

Gyutan (牛タン) is one of the Japanese food made from grilled beef tongue. It is originated in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, but because of its popularity, you can eat in other cities today. Gyutan is so meaty and juicy, yet actually healthier than other meat, amazingly good food!

For Meat Lovers! 5 Recommended Places to Try Yakiniku in Osaka

Yakiniku is a Japanese barbecue where we cook tons of meat with a grill. It is such a satisfying experience and you will get the best feeling ever. Osaka has several places where they offer top-notch beef at a very reasonable price, so check the following places!

Delicious Japanese food in Haneda International Airport

Haneda International airport has many great restaurants including authentic Japanese food. Here is a list of recommended restaurants so that you can enjoy delicious Japanese food right after you arrive or before you leave Japan.

Ozaki Wagyu Beef Sashimi ?! Nourriture exclusive et rare à Tokyo

What is Ozaki wagyu beef and where can you eat it? This article will first briefly explain what Ozaki wagyu beef is and introduce a restaurant specializing in serving Ozaki wagyu beef sashimi.

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