Découvrez les guides gastronomiques et gastronomiques de Favy pour la région de Chugoku! Chugoku (中国, littéralement province centrale) est la région la plus occidentale de l'île japonaise de Honshu. La région de Chugoku se compose de 5 préfectures: Hiroshima, Okayama, Shimane, Tottori et Yamaguchi. Chugoku est célèbre pour son paysage de collines et la ville d'Hiroshima.
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Rabbit Island in Ōkunoshima, Hiroshima

Have you ever dreamt of visiting an island with hundreds and hundreds of rabbits roaming around freely? You need to visit the island of Okunoshima, in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Où avoir les meilleures huîtres à Hiroshima!

Hiroshima is one of the four regions in Japan famous for growing delicious oysters. They are known to be small, but incredibly meaty and tasty. If you are an oyster lover, here are some different ways to try Japanese oysters: at a Japanese seafood BBQ, an Okonomiyaki, Italian, oyster bar or a Japanese-style restaurant.

Comment avoir une nuit inoubliable à Hiroshima!

Hiroshima is a really nice city to visit, and there is so much to do day or night! Check it out for yourself! Here are the suggestions as to do what to do in Hiroshima at night. From jazz bars to bars, pubs, wine bars or izakayas, we got you covered!

Top 5 des meilleurs spots d'Onsen à Hiroshima!

There are many beautiful onsens to visit around Hiroshima. Here is the list of the top 5 must-visit onsens in Hiroshima! Have a very relaxing holiday!

Les 10 meilleurs restaurants de Hiroshima!

Hiroshima is a beautiful city to visit with many delicious cuisines to try. Here are ten of the very best restaurants in the city. Enjoy!

Top 10 Things You Must Do While In Hiroshima!

Hiroshima is a city rich in history with so much to do. Whether you are a history buff, a foodie, or into sightseeing, you will find something to do! Here are the top 10 Things To Do In Hiroshima!

Hiroshima Castle (広島城) An Impressive Sightseeing Spot In Hiroshima

Hiroshima Castle (広島城) is an impressive sightseeing spot in Hiroshima. It is easily accessible and close to many other sightseeing spots, such as the Peace Memorial.

Hiroshima's Succulent Signature Dishes!

Here are the succulent local dishes you should try while in Hiroshima! Hiroshima has its local adaptation of okonomiyaki and is very famous for their sake breweries! There is also so much more to discover!

Halal Hiroshima's Best Halal Restaurants

When you are travelling in Japan, you should enjoy the beautiful scenery and the delicious cuisine, without having to worry about dietary restrictions. This is why we've compiled a list of restaurants you should try while visiting Hiroshima.

5 bars vraiment cool que vous devriez visiter à Hiroshima

Hiroshima has some interesting bars you should check out while you're there. From authentic cocktail bars to awesome beer pubs to a unique highball bar, there's something for everyone.

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Hiroshimayaki (Hiroshima-Style Okonomiyaki) Guide: Info + Restaurants!


Les 10 meilleurs restaurants de Hiroshima!

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Où avoir les meilleures huîtres à Hiroshima!

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Ramen à Hiroshima: 5 magasins délicieux ramen ramen!


Top 5 des meilleurs spots d'Onsen à Hiroshima!

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