Découvrez les guides gastronomiques et gastronomiques de Favy pour la région du Kansai! Kansai (関 西, littéralement partie occidentale) est la région du centre-sud de l'île japonaise de Honshu. La région du Kansai comprend 8 préfectures: Mie, Nara, Wakayama, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyōgo et Shiga. Kansai est célèbre pour être un centre culturel qui abrite l'ancienne capitale Kyoto et la ville marchande d'Osaka.
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Kappo Iwaki: Unforgettable Traditional Japanese Kaiseki in Osaka

Kappo Iwaki is a truly outstanding Michelin-starred restaurant in Osaka's Kitashinchi, near Osaka and Umeda Station. The food here is traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine, the highest form of Japanese cooking. Anyone looking for a memorable and delicious meal that features the best of the season's ingredients should give the omakase course at Kappo Iwaki a try!

Osaka's Kitamura: Sukiyaki to Try at Least Once Before You Die

Searching for the best sukiyaki in Osaka? Your search is over. Kitamura has been open in the same location in Shinsaibashi since 1881 and is so delicious that it earned a Michelin star.

Yakitori 'Ichimatsu' in Osaka: Information and Reservations

Ichimatsu is the newest of just 3 yakitori restaurants in Osaka to earn a Michelin star. It's a small (12 seats) restaurant that's become difficult to reserve due to its popularity and incredibly delicious Hinai Chicken yakitori. If you're looking for the best yakitori in Osaka, Ichimatsu just might be it.

Deep Osaka: Not Yakitori, it's Chicken Yakiniku!

Looking to avoid the tourist spots and have a really 'local' experience in Osaka? You've come to the right article! Today we'll be introducing a new restaurant that serves chicken yakiniku (not yakitori) from 9:00 in the morning!

Cheap Beer and Chicken Yakiniku from 9:00 am at Stand Hattori [Osaka]

Looking for a "deep" spot to grab a delicious bite in Osaka? You've come to the right article! Today we'll be introducing a new restaurant that serves chicken yakiniku (not yakitori) and drinks from 9:00 in the morning!

9 septembre Grande ouverture! Le restaurant populaire Gyukatsu MOTOMURA a maintenant une succursale dans le centre commercial Lucua à Osaka!

A partir du samedi 9 septembre 2017, les habitants d'Osaka auront l'opportunité de goûter au plat populaire des côtelettes de bœuf frites chez Gyukatsu MOTOMURA, l'initiateur du boom gyukatusu à Tokyo! Qui plus est, il y a même 12 nouveaux plats d'accompagnement dans cette branche exclusivement. Voici plus sur le nouveau restaurant.

Rock Izakaya Star In Umeda Osaka, If You Wanna Rock & Roll All Night

If you're in Umeda, Osaka and you want to discover the local culture, you should definitely try an izakaya (Japanese pub) for some tasty dishes! Rock Izakaya Star is all that and more, you can enjoy some awesome food and drinks in a venue that would make any rock lover's heart sing!

Rock Izakaya Star In Osaka Goes SUPREME With The Hearty Courses!

How about some thick Chicago style pizza oozing with cheese, some spareribs with melting cheese as a topping or some irresistible gumbo hotpot with some cheese fondue? Enjoy all of that as part of sets that include an all-you-can-drink option at this rock-themed izakaya in Osaka!

Roll Your Own Sushi At Nonono In Osaka!

How much do you know about hand-rolled sushi? At Nonono you'll learn everything about it! This new type of restaurant uses fresh ingredients to let guests experience the charm of hand-rolled sushi. You should try it!

15 Cuts of Kobe Beef, 8 Courses, 1 Unforgettable Meal. Umeda Ohatsutenjin

If you're searching for the perfect place to eat Kobe beef in Osaka, this is it! Umeda Ohatsutenjin Otonano Kobe-Gyu Yakiniku offers a luxurious Kobe beef course featuring an exhaustive array of top-grade Kobe beef cuts that you can grill yakiniku-style at your table.

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