Découvrez les guides gastronomiques et gastronomiques de Favy pour la région du Kansai! Kansai (関 西, littéralement partie occidentale) est la région du centre-sud de l'île japonaise de Honshu. La région du Kansai comprend 8 préfectures: Mie, Nara, Wakayama, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyōgo et Shiga. Kansai est célèbre pour être un centre culturel qui abrite l'ancienne capitale Kyoto et la ville marchande d'Osaka.
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Wakayama Shirahama For A Weekend Getaway At The Beach And At The Onsen!

Judging by the picture, it might seem like a tropical vacation destination, but it is actually right in Wakayama! Wakayama Shirahama Onsen is an incredible beach and onsen resort right in the Kansai region. Here's more information on the area!

The Top 3 Beaches In Wakayama For The Ultimate Getaway

Who would have ever thought that there are such beautiful beaches right in Wakayama, in the Kansai area? When you think of Kansai, you probably think of tasty food in Osaka, of beautiful traditional sightseeing in Kyoto and Nara, but never beaches, right? Well, This might change. Here are the top 3 beaches to visit while in the Wakayama area!

Wakayama Adventure World: A Theme Park, A Zoo & An Aquarium!

Wakayama Adventure World is such an exciting place to spend the day. You can start the day by visiting the pandas, stop by to see the cheetas, and then head over to the aquarium to see the dolphins. After lunch, you can take a ride on the Ferris wheel to have a stunning view of the ocean and then hop on some exciting rides!

Top Things To Do In Wakayama! From Spiritual Getaways To Onsen Resorts!

Wakayama is a wonderful prefecture to visit in the Kansai region. There is just so much to discover! There are UNESCO World Heritage sites, spiritual getaways, awesome sightseeing spots, beach & onsen resorts, theme parks, etc. There really is something for everyone in Wakayama alone!

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