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Soba Meets Ramen at 'Fukuro,' a Favorite Lunch Spot in West Shinjuku

If you're a fan of ramen, but you also like the wonderful texture and flavor of soba noodles (which are healthier anyway), then you'll love the 'niku soba' at Fukuro in West Shinjuku. Check it out the next time you're searching for lunch in the area!

Fantastic Restaurants In Ebisu, Tokyo You Need To Try Now!

Ebisu is heaven in terms of food diversity and food quality! You can find any type of food you fancy in this awesome neighborhood. The best part is that although it's a fancy neighborhood, the price range is also diverse. You can find cheap eats that are out of this world, and there are also unforgettable sushi restaurants (but be prepared to pay the price)! Here, we narrowed down the best restos, all genres included!

Wagyu Tantanmen Served in a Cup at Jikasei Mensho in Shibuya's PARCO

Jikasei MENSHO is a newly opened ramen shop inside Shibuya's PARCO shopping center that serves a very unique and delicious bowl of wagyu tantanmen! We guarantee it's unlike any ramen you've tried before and is totally worth the try!

Ginza Ramen Shop Makes Ramen Without a Seemingly Critical Ingredient!

'Chuka Soba Ginza Hachigo' was opened in 2018 and earned a place in the Michelin Guide in just one year! The chef has French training, and has crafted a delectable bowl of ramen that doesn't include a certain ingredient that is indispensable in basically all other ramens!

Ichiran Ramen Now Has A Pork-Free Shop In Shinjuku, Tokyo

Ichiran has just opened in Tokyo its first branch ever serving pork-free and alcohol-free ramen. Give it a try! The new restaurant is located in Shinjuku.

Lamb Ramen in Tokyo: Maybe Should We Call it 'Baa-men?'

In November 2019, a new ramen shop opened in Tokyo's Jimbocho neighborhood that serves a very unique kind of ramen: Lamb ramen! It's perhaps one of the rarest ramens you'll find in Tokyo and is quite interesting (and tasty) to eat! If you're a fan of lamb meat, you've got to give it a try!

Ginza's Fanciest Ramen Features Wagyu Beef and Is Totally Worth ¥1,500!

Ginza's fanciest ramen can be found at re:Dine Ginza, one of the most interesting concept restaurants in Tokyo. It features 3 different meats, including amazing wagyu beef that melts in your mouth as you eat it. For those searching for outstanding ramen in Ginza, this is as luxurious as it gets!

Rich, Gourmet 'Taikotsu' Ramen at 'Taisho' in Ginza

'Taisho' is a ramen shop serving gourmet bowls of specialty sea bream broth "Taikotsu" ramen that recently opened in Ginza. For ramen lovers seeking a refined and unique bowl of noodles, this place is definitely worth a visit!

Delicious Ramen with Fresh Noodles that are Hand-Cut for Each Order!

Near a small station in the western part of Tokyo, 'Daruma' is a gem of a ramen shop that prepares a mouth-watering bowl of noodles that are handmade and cut as each order is placed! If you're a lover of ramen or noodles or food in general, do yourself a favor and head to Nakano Fujimicho Station to try this ramen for yourself!

Odaiba's Ramen Park: 'Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai'

Located in Odaiba, Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan "Mai" is one of the coolest collections of famous ramen shops in Tokyo. If you're on the hunt for a great place for lunch in Odaiba, this place should be on your radar!

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