Découvrez les guides gastronomiques et gastronomiques de Favy pour Ebisu (恵 比 寿)! Les lieux d'intérêt d'Ebisu sont Yebisu Garden Place et le sanctuaire Ebisu. Ebisu est célèbre pour Ebisu Yokocho, les musées, les boutiques et de nombreux restaurants.
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Bistro CarneSio's meaty Italian cuisine does not disapoint! (Ebisu, Tokyo)

Bistro CarneSio in Ebisu, Tokyo, is the talk of the town for some outstanding Italian cuisine. The charcoal-cooked A5 ranked meat is just mind-blowing. And the simple smoked butter bread and rich Italian pasta are other reasons why foodies rave about this place.

20+ craft beers at Spring Valley Brewery in Daikanyama, Tokyo

Craft beer lovers this one is for you! Spring Valley Brewery in Daikanyama is one of the best places in Tokyo to enjoy all kinds of delicious and unique beers, and their foods pair wonderfully well with their beers.

L'IGNIS à Ebisu sert une cuisine étonnante au feu de bois!

Good restaurants abound in Ebisu, but L'IGNIS is one that foodies should put on their bucket list because it serves something you hardly ever see in Tokyo: firewood-grilled meats!

Sakaba Ebisudou: One of the best izakayas in Ebisu

Sakaba Ebisudou is a well-kept secret in Ebisu. It doesn't even have a sign indicating that it's a restaurant but the regular customers rave about it. Find out all about this secret izakaya that is one of the best in the area.

Here's a list of some awesome izakayas in Ebisu!

Looking to enjoy drinks, good foods, and the perfect izakaya atmosphere in Ebisu? Then this list is for you! These are some beloved-by-the-locals drinking holes near Ebisu station.

Kairi à Ebisu, Tokyo Donne 1 kg de crevettes avec le shabu Shabu!

A 2-minute walk from JR Ebisu Station's West Exit, "Kairi" is a delightful restaurant which specializes in shrimps. The specialty is "shrimp shabu shabu" which uses 1 Kg of red shrimps! It makes for a rare experience because you will probably never have the chance to eat this many shrimps again! The menu is a shrimp lover's dream come true, you should also try their other famous shrimp dishes at Kairi!

Enjoy An Exquisite Customizable Yakiniku Course In Daikanyama At Seikou-En

Seikou-En is located a 3-minute walk from the Daikanyama station or a 5-minute walk from the Ebisu station. You can have there an omakase course that you customize to your liking. Favy went there to try it out! The meat used for the course is black cattle Japanese beef from Kyushu. It was surprisingly of good value. Definitely worth the go!

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