Découvrez les guides gastronomiques et gastronomiques de Favy pour la région de Kanto! Kanto (関 東, littéralement partie orientale) est la région la plus orientale de l'île japonaise de Honshu. La région de Kanto comprend 7 préfectures: Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba et Kanagawa. Kanto est célèbre pour être le centre urbain le plus développé du Japon comprenant un tiers de la population du pays.
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The Most Amazing Cafes To Check Out in Kawasaki!

When travelling in Kawasaki, be sure to check out these amazing cafes where you can have great coffee, tasty desserts, and even a consistent meal. The atmosphere is also relaxing so you'll want to stay and talk the day away with your friends, family or date.

The Best Restaurants in Kawasaki, All Genres Included

Here are the restos to check out in Kawasaki. You can choose from German craft beer, burritos, pasta and pizza, Indian cuisine and sushi! Have an enjoyable dining experience!

Most AWESOME Classic Bars In Yokohama!

If you are looking for some of the best bars the city of Yokohama has to offer this list is for you. These bars are classics. You can enjoy sublime original cocktails, whiskeys and many other drinks in classy, relaxing quaint ambiance.

Salone 2007: Breath-Taking Italian Cuisine in Yokohama!

Salone 2007 was awarded first place by Tabelog in 2016 for the best Italian restaurant. This creative and delicate Italian cuisine will surely leave you speechless! Come try it for yourself in Yokohama!

Takanashi Milk Restaurant: A Cheese Lover's Dream Come True

Takanashi Milk Restaurant is any cheese lover's dream come true. Takanashi is an excellent quality dairy producer in Japanese. Takanashi Milk Restaurant is a huge hit in Japan and often has quite a line-up. For any self-respecting cheese-lover, you need to stop by this resto!

Cheap Awesome Sushi In Yokohama (Under ¥3000)

Some restaurants defy logic and offer great quality sushi at the price of a meal at a greasy spoon joint. Here are the top 5 of those in Yokohama.

Two Fireworks Festivals at Tamagawa are on October 2019!

Fireworks festival (Hanabi taikai) is one of the Japanese traditional summer events. Kawasaki-Tawagawa Fireworks Festival and Setagaya-Tamagawa Firework Festival are some of the popular ones. This year, these festivals moved to October due to the weather. Get ready for the late summer fireworks!

A Guide To Yokohama!

Here's a list of the must do things in Yokohama. From sightseeing to eating all the delicious food, these are the must-try activities in the area.

What is Yokohama's Must Eat Cuisine?

Here are the must-try dishes while enjoying a wonderful stay in Yokohama! Be sure to pack an appetite because there is so much tasty food to try!

Cafe Giang: An Ultra Famous Cafe From Vietnam is Now in Yokohama!

Egg Coffee is a kind of coffee with super fluffy cream served on top of coffee. Cafe Giang is said to be so popular in Vietnam that right about everyone knows it and it finally made its way to Yokohama. I went to Yokohama's Chinatown to see what all the fuss was about!

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