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15 Fun Things To Do in Yokohama!


Yokohama is a beautiful city to visit, with its stylish shopping areas, its beautiful port, its delicious restos and authentic Chinatown, you're bound to find something to love in Yokohama. There's no doubt you'll be back before you know it! It is perfect for families or friends, and also for couples looking for a romantic date spot!

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1. Yokohama's Christmas Market

The Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse is visually-pleasing building in Yokohama made entirely of red bricks. Every year during the Christmas season, they hold one of the most popular Christmas markets. There are countless stalls selling various cute Christmas goods and delicious food you should try!

Where and when?

1-1-2, Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama

From November 25th to December 25th.
(11:00~22:00 / illumination: 16:00~22:00)

2. Minato Mirai

Minato Mirai, which means "port of the future" is a gorgeous development in Yokohama. It includes many high-rise buildings, such as Landmark Tower, which used to be, until recently, Japan's tallest tower. There are many hotels, museums, shopping malls, an amusement park, a convention center, hot spring baths, a park, etc. There is also an overwhelming amount of delicious restos to try!
You could easily spend the day there wandering from attraction to attraction.

3. Osanbashi Pier

Osanbashi pier is located between Minato Mirai and Yamashita Park. The pier is a perfect attraction as it is a lovely place to take a stroll, you also have a gorgeous view on Minato Mirai's skyline. The pier has incorporated green areas and the floor boards were made to look like waves. The pier is where international cruise ships dock.

4. Yokohama's Chinatown

Yokohama's Chinatown is a great place to visit, walk around and try lots of different delicious food. It's almost impossible to walk around and not be tempted by the appetizing smells floating in the air as you walk by different stalls. You can try some awesome street food, or you can stop at a restaurant for some authentic Chinese food. For more information on the best Chinese restos in Yokohama check out the link below.

5. The Ramen Museum

It is called a museum, but it is more of an amusement park where you can try ramen for various regions in Japan, and also from abroad.
The theme of the decoration is a streetscape reminiscent of a 1958 Japan. The date when the instant ramen was invented!
There are many restaurants serving small and normal-sized portions so you can try ramen from different parts of Japan and even worldwide. For more information, click on the link below.

6. The Cup Noodles Museum

Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama is an interactive museum where you can create your own personalized ramen cup.
You also get the chance to learn more about Momofuku Ando creative process, he is the founder of Nissin Food Products and inventor of Chicken Ramen. This invention revolutionized the way we thought about food and home-made food.
To learn more about the museum, click on the link below.

7. Sankeien Garden

Sankeien Garden is a beautiful traditional Japanese garden. The garden was designed by a wealthy businessman who reconstructed historical buildings from places such as Kyoto in the garden. The park is huge and is a wonderful place for a stroll on a sunny day with a date.

[Opening Hours]

[Admission Fee]
Adults (15+): 700 (600) yen
Children (14-): 200 (100) yen
City Residents 65+: 200 yen
(For groups of 10 or +)

December 29,30,31

8. Shomyoji Temple

The Shomyoji Temple is somewhat of a hidden gem in Yokohama. It is close to Kamakura and is much less crowded than the surrounding temples, and the entrance is free! It has a beautiful garden and is a great place to sit down and relax.

[Opening Hours]

[Admission Fee]

9. Yokohama Museum Of Art

The Yokohama Museum of Art was built in 1988 and has been showcasing really interesting exhibitions ever since. It focuses on modern and contemporary art and often holds special exhibitions. The museum is one of the largest art institutions in Japan and has a unique architecture. There are seven gallery spaces and an Art information and Media Center. You are bound to spend a wonderful afternoon wandering through the museum and seeing its current exhibitions.

10. The Wanko Soba Challenge

For another interesting food option in the area, why not try the "Wanko Soba Challenge". It is an all-you-can-eat soba restaurant where people challenge themselves to eat over 100 small bowls of soba. The record at this restaurant is 601 bowls!!! Are you up for the challenge?
Click on the link below for more information.

11. Yokohama Cosmoworld Amusement Park

Yokohama Amusement Park is an iconic part of the waterfront of the city. This is a popular attraction in Yokohama City and is the pride of Yokohama people. Although the area is small, the facilities are very good overall! You can play all sorts of fair games.
Take a ride on the roller coasters and, of course, the Ferris wheel which gives you arguably the best view of the city!

Cosmoworld is located in Minato Mirai.

12. Red Brick Warehouse

Red Brick (Akarenga in Japanese) Warehouse is one of Yokohama's cultural monuments. Visiting this place is suitable for adults and children alike.
Recently it has been the venue of many exhibitions related to design and Japanese culture! There are all kinds of shops inside so you're bound to find something of interest to you.

In addition, the surrounding area is often animated with cultural events. This is where the massively popular similar to Pikachu festival was held and it's also the site of the Christmas market, and antique car show and so on. This is a must-see spot when you go to Yokohama!

13.Manyo Club (Onsen)

Manyo Club is a place where Yokohama people like to relax and enjoy the hot springs, and there are many facilities too. There are hot spring areas, gourmet areas, rest areas, massage areas, rock baths, game areas, rooftop terraces and so on. This is a very popular place with locals and tourists. This place is ideal to spend a good part of your day just relaxing. You'll feel refreshed for sure!

14.Yokohama marine tower

The Yokohama marine tower is a place that few people know, even though it's a beautiful landmark of the city, especially at night when it is lit up at night. Interestingly, the lights change with the season. Going up to the observatory is something that can add a romantic touch to your night in Yokohama.

15.Hara Model Railway Musuum

The Hara Model Railway Museum is one of the largest indoor exhibition venues in the world. Whether you are a train fan or not, you'll be impressed for sure by the collection of this museum!


Yokohama, with its beautiful port and numerous attractions, is a wonderful place to visit for a day. There is so much to do in Yokohama, the day will simply fly by. From delicious restaurants, ramen museums, Art museums, and food challenges, you will want to come back again to Yokohama to try everything!
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