Updated: November 06, 2018
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5 Awesome Restaurants In Saga Prefecture, Japan


Saga Prefecture is famous it's beautiful Imari ware. It's worth visiting for that and just because it's a beautiful rural prefecture. Also, you can find great food. Here are 5 places you might want to check out while you visit. Some of them serve you food in the famous porcelain.

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Imari Champon (伊万里ちゃんぽん)

This restaurant is a local favorite. It's located in the city of Imari, famous for being the port city that was the point of export of the beautiful Japanese Imari porcelain shipped all over the world since the Edo Era. The place specializes in "Champon", a famous regional type of ramen. Every dish is pretty affordable here. Prices are about ¥1,000. You should definitely try the house's recommendation: the tokusei Champon pictured below. It's huge. The soup is made from pig bones and is slightly sweet. It comes topped with loads of vegetables and seafood (squid, scallop, shrimp). Every piece is fresh and tasty but the best part in is the shiitake mushrooms boiled in mirin.

Forest in Imari Restaurant (フォレストイン伊万里レストラン)

This restaurant is located in a beautiful resort hotel surrounded by a the Imari Forest. The place is very peaceful and the design of the hotel is very Japanese. If you go there, you'll see a man-made pond and a traditional garden. The restaurant has a menu that changes with the seasons and is inspired both by European and Japanese cuisine. Prices are around ¥2,000 for lunch but can be quite expensive for an evening dinner (goes up to ¥20,000). On a side note, the hotel also has a very good onsen.

Imari Kikunami (伊万里きくなみ)

Imari Kikumari is a traditional Japanese atmospheric restaurant. On top of the nice design, they use Arita ware, the famous craft of the region, to serve your meal. This restaurant is kaiseki ryori (懐石料理) which means many simple dishes, yet so delicately and artfully prepared, will be served to you. Dinner time is probably the best time to go. The course menu changes with the season. At times they serve grilled fish, Imari beef, and other local specialties. Everything is fresh and naturally tasty and simple. Expect to pay around ¥8,000.

Sou Gallery Ota (創ギャラリーおおた)

This restaurant is in Arita, so naturally, it serves its meals in the famous Arita porcelain. Not only that, but the place also doubles as a gallery for Arita ware. So you can buy a nice souvenir of the region once you're done with your meal. The restaurant's best dish is their curry, topped with some cheese. Also, the place is a cafe as well so you'll have good choices for desserts and coffee. Prices are between ¥1,000 - ¥2,000.

Kaisekiyado Ougiya (懐石 宿 扇屋)

Kaisekiyado Ougiya is a Japanese style hotel called ryokan. You don't have to stay there to enjoy their restaurant but it might be a good idea to do so because the place is just so quaint! It has a nice retro Japanese vibe that is between European and traditional Japanese. The food they serve is kaiseki ryori. For about ¥15,000 you'll get a dinner you'll remember of simple, seasonal delicacies artfully presented on many small plates. Please note that you must reserve in advance to dine there. The place is located near the Takeo Onsen, so why not enjoy that too while you are there?


Hope you'll enjoy visiting Saga Prefecture! If you are interested in Arita ware, the region's famous porcelain craft, please check out the article below.

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