Updated: December 18, 2018
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Sapporo Beer: The Iconic Japanese Beer With The Star

Among the three major Japanese beer brands that are Sapporo, Asahi, and Kirin, Sapporo beer has many foreign fans. Sapporo Beer claims to have been pursuing the "real" taste of beer since its established. Wanna taste the historical flavor of Japanese beers? Go check this post for the details!

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Sapporo Beer

Sapporo Beer is a representative product of not only Sapporo but the whole of Hokkaido!
Established in 1876, Sapporo beer is the oldest beer brewery in Japan. Their most major and popular product is "Sapporo Beer" and its name came from where the beer is brewed. Nowadays, Sapporo Beer operates 5 breweries in Japan and also owns breweries in Canada, the United States, and Vietnam.

Sapporo Beer has many big fans from the old times when its products were first introduced. Their focus on quality has been really paying off in terms of respectability.

Sapporo beer has a museum located in Sapporo and there you can get a chance to know the history of Sapporo beer and even try some of them! The museum is one of the popular tourist sites you can add to your list when you visit Hokkaido!


Sapporo Black Label

Sapporo Black label is loved by beer fans who prefer the traditional true beer taste. Drinking them, you can feel the deep umami flavor as Japanese say. The deep taste does not last inside your mouth for a long time, however. If you're looking for the real beer of Japan, many would argue that it's the Sapporo Black Label!

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Sapporo Lager Beer

Since Sapporo beer is the oldest beer company in Japan, its oldest product "Sapporo Lager Beer" can thus be said to be the oldest beer in Japan. Compared to the "Sapporo Black Label" which has a shining star printed on the label, Sapporo Lager Beer has a single red star label and is usually referred to as "Akaboshi" (red star in Japanese) with familiarity.

Akaboshi tastes quite bitter and has a crispy deep flavor. It might be difficult to find them at grocery stores or at convenient stores so better visit some traditional bars or izakayas (Japanese bars) to find them.

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Sapporo "Mugi to Hop" (Barley and hop): New Genre beer

The top-selling product of the "New Genre beer", "Mugi to Hop" (Barley and hop), is definitely worth a try. New Genre is not a real beer per se, rather a beer-like tasting alcoholic beverage.

As you can guess from the name of the product, the main products are barley and hop.

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Some may even say that they taste better than a real beer! Hard to believe? Well...give it a try!

Check out other brands too!

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