Updated: March 26, 2020
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Top 6 Sake Bars In Tokyo: For All Sake Lovers!


Here's a list of restaurants and bars in Tokyo which serve some great sake! This selection is ideal to discover the rich variety of sake Japan has to offer.

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Sake in Tokyo

Sake is much more complex than you might think! There are four distinct main types, and the taste and flavor change depending on whether it is served hot or cold. A fun way to discover the wonderful world of sake is to take a fun sake tasting tour with a local in Tokyo. Tours can be booked on the same day.
You can also explore on your own by going to one of these bars that specialize in sake across Tokyo. We recommend that you start with a tasting set!

Kurand Sake Market (Shinjuku)

This sake bar is on the fourth floor of a building located 5 mins walk of the west exit of Shinjuku station. A cozy place where you can find a lot of sake bottles on the counter.

They also have branches in Shibuya, Ueno, Ikebukuro, and Shimbashi, most of the central stations of Tokyo!
What is special about this bar is you can enjoy unlimited all-you-can-drink sake for 3200 yen!! Once you pay, it's all you can drink. They have over 200 types of sake so try as much as possible and enjoy the differences.

It is also allowed to bring some food and eat while drinking if you want. If you want to enjoy various kinds of sake in one spot with your friends, go visit KURAND SAKE MARKET!

sakeba (Shibuya)

About 5 minutes walk from Shibuya station, sakeba offers selected pure rice Japanese sake. They offer all sake in two different sizes, glass and tokkuri (small sake bottle).

They have a warm atmosphere which is perfect for a date!
Sakeba will give you a recommendation of small appetizers to pair with your sake.

Nihonshu Tada (Nezu Station)

'Nezu Nihonshu Tada' is a unique izakaya in Toyko's Bunkyo ward, north of Ueno Park. While most izakayas serve food items a la carte, Tada serves food in courses, which are designed to be paired with sake. The owner is clearly incredibly passionate about sake and has gone to great lengths to find some of the best, most delicious sake from small, local breweries. You can order sake on your own, or ask for the chef's recommendations for each course, which is what most customers tend to do.
The food is a bit fancier than your typical izakaya fare, with locally-sourced, high-quality fish and vegetables used to create delicious bites of food that wouldn't seem out of place at a fine dining restaurant. The atmosphere, however, is much more relaxed and comfortable, making for a wonderful overall dining experience. Whether you're already a sake lover, or you're curious about just how delicious sake can be, 'Nezu Nihonshu Tada' is highly recommended!

Stand up bar buri (Ebisu)

Did you know that Japanese sakes are sold in glass cups too? Located near Ebisu station, buri focuses on cup sake from all around Japan. The wall is filled with sake cups which gives a museum-like atmosphere to the bar.
They also offer some "mizore-sake" (half-frozen sake). Super refreshing!


Located in central Ginza, this restaurant offers their original Japanese sake cocktails. Give them a try! This is quite unique.
Just like gin tonic, cutting Japanese sake with tonic water will create a totally new taste!

The koji (sake mold) grills are also their specialty.

Yu (Iidabashi)

Located in Iidabashi, Yu offers a combination of yakitori and Japanese sake in a warm atmosphere. They offer all you can drink sake besides their regular course menu.
They only use meat which has arrived on the same day, which means that their yakitori (skewers style chicken) is super fresh!

The combination of the selected sake and legendary good yakitori is beyond words! Just give it a try!

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