Updated: November 06, 2018
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7 Top Things To Do In Shinagawa, Tokyo


This is an area guide of Shinagawa, one of Tokyo's busiest district. These 7 things to do are among the most popular with Japanese and tourists alike.

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Shinagawa Aquarium (しながわ水族館)

Shinagawa has one of the most impressive aquariums in Japan. There are several points of interest to the facilities. One of them is the soothing "kurage no sekai" which translates to jellyfish world. Watching the fish is said to be very relaxing. There's also an interesting section dedicated to Amazonian aquatic wildlife, a seal and dolphin basin, a glass tunnel through which you can see stingrays and turtles, and an oval tank called the Shark Hall.

Hours: 10:00 - 17:00
Admission: ¥1,350; ¥600 for elementary shcool children; ¥300 for children 4 and under.
Access: 8-minute walk from the Omori Kaigan Station
Address: 3-2-1 Katsushima,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo

Rinshi No Mori Park (林試の森公園)

This area was first established as an experimental nursery managed by the country in 1900. It has beautiful huge mature trees dating back from that time, some of which are rare varieties from abroad. Because it is a protected forested area, there are many kinds of birds that can be spotted, which makes the park a popular place amongst ornithologists. It's the perfect green oasis to escape the bustle of the city for some quiet time. The park is long and narrow, measuring approximately 700 meters by 250 meters. There is also a water playground for kids and a pond. The park has no admission fees. Located at a 10-minute walk from the Musashi Koyama Station.

Shinagawa Shrine (品川神社)

Shinagawa Shrine is a well-known shrine in Tokyo. One of its particularities is its stairs leading to the shrine and the archway in which there are two dragons carved in the rocks. The history of this shrine dates back almost 1,000 years. The Shinto shrine is located near the Shimbamba Station.

Enjoy Some Yakiniku

If you've worked up an appetite and feel like eating something hearty and typically Japanese, how about you try some of Shinagawa's delicious yakiniku Japanese BBQ? The place has many excellent restaurants. For instance, Iburiya is a popular yakiniku restaurant located near the Shinagawa Station. It serves lunch meal sets that include wagyu, an exquisite type of Japanese beef, for only ¥1,600 or less. For more details on some of the best yakiniku restaurants near the Shinagawa Station, check out the link below.

Musashikoyama Palm Shopping Street (武蔵小山商店街パルム)

"Palm" is a lively covered shopping arcade of 800 meters near the Musashikoyama Station. This is the type of street that preceded the advent of huge shopping malls. Nowadays, they are becoming rarer so if you want to feel a nice local authentic vibe with not so many tourists, it's a good place to explore. There is a wide variety of shops and restaurants. Also, throughout the year, the shopping arcade is the venue for many festivals and events such as a samba carnival, and a Japanese drum spring-welcoming event.

Hara Museum Of Contemporary Art (原美術館)

The Hara Museum is one of the oldest in Tokyo. It was built during the early Showa Era by Jin Watanabe, a famous architect, and is a rare example of 1930s architecture in Tokyo. The museum has a permanent collection with a rich variety of Japanese and foreign contemporary artists. The Museum has a nice cafe with a terrace where you can relax after seeing the exhibitions. Located a 10-minute walk from the Shinagawa Station.

Hours: 11:00 - 17:00 (20:00 on Wednesday, closed on Monday)
Address: 4-7-25 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Oi Racetrack (大井競馬)

Many Japanese are quite fond of horse racing, and Shinagawa is home to one of the major racetrack in the country, the Oi Racetrack. Even if you aren't into the sport feeling the excitement of the sizeable crowds makes it worth going. It only costs ¥100 to enter and you don't have to place a bet. The Oi Racetrack is located near the Oikeibajo Mae Station.

Address: 2 Chome Katsushima, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


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