Updated: December 18, 2019
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10 Cafes In Tokyo You Must Absolutely Visit!


Here is a list of incredible cafes in Tokyo you must absolutely visit. All of these places serve impeccable coffee, depending on the mood you're in or the type of atmosphere you're looking for, you can scroll down this list to find one that's perfectly right for you!

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Streamer (ストリーマーコーヒー) [Shibuya & Other Locations]

There are a total of 20 different Streamer Coffee Company located n Japan. The original store is located in Shibuya, about 7 minutes away from the station.
They have awesome coffee, a great terrace to enjoy some sunshine and free wifi. So it's a great place to go by yourself (to read or work) or with friends or an afternoon date. Coffees are about 500 yen and up.

Sarutahiko (猿田彦) [Ebisu & Other Locations]

They serve different kinds of coffee: drip coffee, espresso-based coffee, and sweet lattes. They are particularly famous for their drip coffee or their art latte. But, they're matcha is noteworthy too!
Be sure to check their stores often, as they have a seasonal menu coming out every now and then. his cafe is always busy, especially on the weekends. The flagship store only has a few seats inside, but there are also a few seats outside. The service is always friendly and welcoming and the coffee is great.

Blue Bottle Cafe (ブルーボトルコーヒー) [Many Locations]

Blue Bottle Coffee is a coffee chain shop that originated in Oakland, California. It was a small shop located in a local area, but as they served the finest coffee called "third wave of coffee", using innovative technology of drip brewing and selected coffee beans, they soon got very popular and spread all over the state, and then in New York and Washington D.C. There are now six shops in Tokyo - Aoyama, Nakameguro, Shinagawa, Kiyosumi, Roppongi, and Shinjuku.
The regular drip coffee is 450 yen. They also offer some espresso type coffee, like cafe latte (520 yen).

Verve Coffee Roasters (ヴァーヴ コーヒー ロースターズ ) [Shinjuku & Omotesando]

The VERVE is originally from Santa Cruz, California, and has branches in Japan as well: in Shinjuku, Omotesando and Kamakura. Coffee is 500 yen and up. You can also have a coffee flight for 980 yen where you can try 3 types of coffee. They also serve Boul'ange's pastries for breakfast, best of both worlds? Quite possibly heaven.

Fuglen (フグレン トウキョウ)[Shibuya]

This cafe is located close to Yoyogikoen station and to Yoyogi Hachiman station. The original store is in Oslo, Norway. This branch serves great coffee. During the day it is a coffee shop, and in the evening, it turns into a bar. This place is great for chatting with friends, or for studying/reading. There are even seats outside to enjoy your coffee on a sunny day. The coffee is flavorful, the pastries are great and the service is friendly! Lattes are 520-620 yen, and today's coffee is 360-460 yen, and the best part is that you can get a refill for 160-210 yen.

Bondi Cafe (ボンダイ カフェ) [Yoyogi & Other Locations]

Located close to Yoyogi Park, BONDI CAFE is a relaxing cafe with sofa and couches. You can also bring your dog with you, so it is a really popular cafe for dog owners too. Their food menu is really appealing too, with some eggs benedict, pancakes, acai bowls, pasta, etc. It is open from 9 during weekdays and from 11 during weekends, so you can have a tropical breakfast or brunch anytime!

Cafe Kitsune (カフェキツネ) [Minami Aoyama]

Located in Omotesando, CAFE KITSUNE is a popular coffee shop with modern-traditional fused Japanese atmosphere. They have coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and also Japanese tea latte like Hojicha latte and matcha latte! They also offer unique coffee drinks like espresso tonic, where you pour espresso in tonic water with lemon in it.

Cafe & Pancake Gram (カフェ&パンケーキグラム) [Harajuku & Other Locations]

Gram only offers these "premium pancake" (950yen) three times a day, and only 20 dishes at each serving time. The serving times are at 11 am, 3 pm, and 6 pm, so it is recommended to get the restaurant 30 minutes to one hour earlier so you can put your name on the list. This pancakes tower come topped with butter and powdered sugar, whipped cream and maple syrup on the side. The texture is very light and creamy. It's like a dream!

Ken's Cafe (ケンズカフェ) [Shinjuku]

Ken's Cafe, located in Shinjuku, should be on any chocolate lover's bucket list. The cakes they make are incredibly smooth and the centre is soft. Each bite is heavenly. What is more, their cakes are gluten-free so they can be enjoyed by a greater number of people. You can also get the cakes to go and offer them to a special someone. It is noteworthy that they received the Japan Sweets Award in 2016.

Café de l'AMBRE (カフェ ド ランブル) [Ginza]

Cafe de l'AMBRE is an iconic cafe in Japan. It has a retro atmosphere and serves amazing hand-drip coffee. In fact, this beautiful "kissaten" (Japanese style cafe) is probably one of the most famous places to get hand-drip coffee. Their coffee isn't cheap, but you come here for the experience of a perfect cup of coffee, carefully hand dripped by a coffee-lover. If you don't know what to order, you can ask the owner to suggest something to your liking.

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