Updated: March 06, 2019
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Saizeriya Japan's Menu: An Inexpensive Italian Family Restaurant!

Want to take the whole family out for dinner for surprisingly cheap? Check out Saizeriya, an Italian family restaurant chain in Japan. It's a convenient place to grab something cheap for lunch or dinner!

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Saizeriya in Japan

If you're traveling around Tokyo or Japan for a few weeks, eating out can get a little expensive sometimes. Saizeriya is a family-style Italian restaurant in Japan very popular with high school and university students where you can easily have a full meal that includes a drink bar with free refills. Saizeriya has locations all throughout Japan.

Saizeriya Menu

Appetizers start at ¥199! You might think that at that prices portions will be tiny, but actually, they're pretty hearty. The most popular appetizer at Saizeriya among Japanese people is the Milano Doria at ¥299, which is actually big enough to be considered a main dish.
Wines served at Saizeriya are directly imported from Italy. Glasses start at ¥100. At that price, you might expect a wine that is barely drinkable, but many people claim that the taste is actually OK. Mind you, it's still a ¥100 wine! But hey, you can have three appetizers and a decanter wine for under ¥1,000. I'll take that!
If you're more of a beer person Saizeriya's got you covered as well. The beer starts at ¥299. Try the Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese and Tomato with it!
These mussels served at Saizeriya are definitely a must try! At just ¥399 you'll feel like you're treating yourself to a fancy appetizer but you won't be breaking the bank. Combine that with Saizeriya's glass of white wine at ¥100, and heck, you'll feel like your in a high-end restaurant, and all that for a total of ¥500.
If you feel like eating something light for lunch, Saizeriya also serves a range of healthy salads. The chicken and the shrimp salads are quite popular and are under ¥400.
Pizza is damn cheap too! Only ¥400! Saizeriya's margarita is made with 100% water buffalo milk cheese. You can add flakes of chili pepper or olive oil on it to adjust the taste to your liking.
Bacon and potato - get in my belly!
Saizeriya's menu isn't just limited to Italian dishes either. They also do some hot-plate grills, like this grilled chicken, bacon, and potato. This one is quite hearty as you can imagine and it's on the "expensive" side of Saizeriya's menu at ¥600.
If you're heading to Saizeriya for lunch, grab one of their ¥500 lunch specials. It comes with a choice of the main dishes, salad, rice or bread, and an optional drink bar for about ¥100 more! Not a bad deal at all.
And if you love cheese you'll love this Seafood Gratin! This is like the luxurious version of the previously mentioned Milano Doria. It has shrimps in squid in it and is ¥500.
Saizeiya also has a full page of desserts for after your meal, or a light snack in the afternoon. It's a pretty fine spot to enjoy a coffee break with some sweets.
Make sure you at least try the super soft and silky Pudding!
Saizeriya's Tiramisu cake is a super popular menu item in the dessert section because it's really good and is just ¥200.
If you end your meal with something refreshing, I would definitely recommend Saizeriya's coffee jelly that comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is a typical Western-inspired Japanese retro dessert that was very popular in the 70s.
You can even just get Saizeriya's drink bar with free refills for about ¥300. You'll see plenty of people just sitting reading a book or studying in the afternoons taking maximum advantage of the free refills of juice, soft drink, tea, and coffee!

Popular Saizeriya locations in Tokyo

You can find Saizerirya restaurants virtually everywhere in Japan but here are some convenient places in downtown Tokyo.

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