Updated: November 07, 2018
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The Best Soul Food You Can Have In Tokyo


Soul foods generally refers to the foods of the cuisine of the south-eastern part of the US. If you want to have soul foods in Tokyo, this article will introduce you to the best restaurants to have them.

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1. Soul Food House

The first restaurant introduced is Soul Food House. This place serves a variety of traditional soul foods including fried chicken, catfish, etc.
One of the popular dishes is catfish with black-eyed peas and cornbread. The soft catfish goes really well with the black eyed peas.

2. Hello Old Timer

This restaurant is in Ekota and serves a variety of foods. Its coffee is one of the famous menu items of the restaurant.
Its famous dish gumbo is the soul food you can eat at this restaurant. You can taste the flavor of okra, also known as ladies' fingers and sausages, which is delicious.


SMOKEHOUSE is a restaurant that serves a lot of smoked food. It also has many kinds of beer from the US.
Its popular dish is pork ribs with vegetables. Its smoked pork ribs are soft, and the taste is delicious with BBQ sauce.

4. MOJA in the House

This restaurant is an American cuisine restaurant. The restaurant serves not only soul foods, but also other American staples like burgers, pizzas, etc.
Its most famous food is fried chicken and waffles. This is also one of the most famous soul foods. The saltiness of the chicken and the sweetness of the waffles go surprisingly well together.


These four restaurants all serve what is known as American soul food. It is a rare type of cuisine in Japan. All of these four serve delicious authentic soul food cuisine. They are worth the try.

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