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Enjoy a Cocktail Together with Lunch at Ginza 300BAR NEXT [PR]


At Ginza 300BAR, enjoy a delicious cocktail together with lunch and indulge yourself with their extensive happy hour menu of premium beers and whiskeys, available for only ¥300! (excluding tax). Be sure to try their famous mojitos, approved by the Cuban embassy in Japan.

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Ginza 300BAR Next

The bar is open from lunchtime - making it perfect for those who want to pop in for an afternoon drink or enjoy quality cocktails with their lunch.
Food and drinks can be exchanged for tickets which are ¥300 each (excluding tax). If you buy 10 tickets at once, you get another one free! Almost everything at the bar is offered for 1 ticket and the best part is that all tickets can be used at any of the three 300BAR locations.
Since starting in 1992, Ginza 300BAR has become the oldest standing bar establishment in Japan. There are no entrance fees or charges, and you can choose from more than 150 types of cocktails for only ¥300 (excluding tax) each.

The most popular menu item is, of course, the mojito!
Their mojitos often make the list of the best mojitos in Tokyo. And it's no wonder as they have been certified by the Cuban embassy in Tokyo, acknowledging that they make authentic mojitos the traditional Cuban way!

Menu Recommendations

Garden Mojito, ¥300 (excluding tax)
Ginza 300BAR’s mojitos are certified by the Cuban embassy in Japan and over 40,000 glasses are sold every year!

The mojito is made with authentic Cuban rum and fresh mint, which is grown on Tohoku Ranch in Aomori Prefecture. The staff produce the mint themselves organically to deliver deliciously fragrant mojito cocktails.
Samurai Highball, ¥300 (excluding tax)
This highball drink is made with Japanese sake, Hiyashibori, from Hyogo prefecture, and not with whiskey. Another top recommendation picked by staff.
Wajito, ¥300 (excluding tax)
Wajito = Wa + Mojito, where "wa" means “Japanese-style”. What is a Japanese-style mojito I already hear you asking? Well, it's a mojito made with shiso leaves instead of mint, and yuzu plum wine instead of rum. This is a unique mix that you have to try out for yourself!
Shooter Cocktails, ¥300 per shot (excluding tax)
You can choose from gin, vodka, tequila, rum, Kamikaze, and Nikolaschka.
Order 5 shots for a discounted price of only ¥1,000! (including tax)
During happy hour (from noon until 7PM every day), you can enjoy world beers, Japanese whiskey (Yamazaki, Yoichi, Ichiro's Malt), single malts (The Glenlivet, Laphroaig, Ardbeg) all for ¥300! (excluding tax)
More than just drinks, you can nibble on a lot of really tasty food for just ¥300! (excluding tax)

Cuban Sandwich, ¥300 (excluding tax)
If you’re feeling hungry, the Cuban Sandwich is a must try!
The inside is filled with tender pork, pickles and homemade sauce, while the outer layer is grilled to a perfect crisp.
Jerk Chicken Rice, ¥300 (excluding tax)
This juicy chicken dish marinated with spices goes very well with the renowned Cuban mojitos. Comes together with special smoky ketchup sauce as a choice of dip


If you are travelling around Tokyo, or you simply want to make the best of a well-deserved day off, be sure to stop by Ginza 300BAR Next for some great cocktails and food. You will be hard-pressed to find a bar in luxurious Ginza that offers such affordable prices for the quality. Remember, happy hour starts from noon every day!

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