Updated: March 26, 2020
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Go Drink SAKE! The Best Sake Bars near Shinjuku Station


Drinking sake (酒) is one of the things you do while in Japan. It is a Japanese wine made by fermenting rice and loved by the Japanese for a long time. There is an extensive list of types of sake you can try in Japan, from sweet to dry. If you have a chance to come to Tokyo, go to Shinjuku to have a incredible sake experience! This article will introduce four best sake bars near Shinjuku station, all of them are within 10 mins walk from the station.

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Where to drink sake

Sake is much more complex than you might think! There are four distinct main types, and the taste and flavor change depending on whether it is served hot or cold. A fun way to discover the wonderful world of sake is to take a fun sake tasting tour with a local in Tokyo. Tours can be booked on the same day.
You can also explore on your own by going to one of these bars that specialize in sake in Shinjuku. We recommend that you start with a tasting set if they have one!

1. Kurand Sake Market

This sake bar is on the fourth floor of the building located 5 mins walk on the west exit of Shinjuku station. A cozy place where you can find a lot of sake bottles on the counter.
What is special about this bar is you can enjoy unlimited all-you-can-drink for 3200 yen!! Once you pay, it's all you can drink. They have over 200 types of sake so try as much as possible and enjoy the differences. It is also allowed to bring some food and eat while drinking if you want. If you want to enjoy various kinds of sake in one spot, go visit KURAND SAKE MARKET!

2. Nihonshu Stand Moto 日本酒スタンド酛

Moto is located in the basement of a building. Take the east exit of Shinjuku station and walk around 7 minutes. It's a standing bar with only about 12 seats and so you might want to go there early so you make sure you have a place to sit.
Enjoying the hidden and peaceful atmosphere in the bar, you can choose your sake from a variety of options. Their staff will serve you sake in front of you. All cups of sake are around 400-600 yen. They also offer Japanese appetizers which perfectly matches with sake.

3. Kouya (香家)

Kouya is in very convenient place, less than one minute from the west exit of Shinjuku station. Their seats are like a small room, where you can enjoy the cozy private atmosphere.
They serve varieties of sake and also Japanese food such as raw fish. If you have trouble choosing which sake you get, try "sparkling sake"! It is much easier to drink especially for those who haven't tried sake before.

4. Torigen (鳥元)

Just 3 minutes walk on the west exit of Shinjuku station, this Japanese bar is known for its good sake and Yakitori (焼き鳥/Japanese skewers chicken).
You can try some different kinds of sake with Japanese food. A cup of sake is around 400-600 yen. Also, have you ever heard of "Atsukan"? It's warm sake which is also common for the Japanese. Enjoy sake in a different way if you have already had tried cold sake before!

5. Totokichi (とときち)

Around 10 minutes walk from Shinjuku station, or 3 minutes walk from Shinjuku Sanchome station.
Totokichi is well known by sake lovers in Tokyo as they offer a selection of rare sake from all across Japan that includes some very rare sake difficult to get. Their food menu is also amazing. Especially seafood dishes like sushi are very fresh and high-quality that go well with the high-class sake.

6. Kaneru (兼ネル)

Within a 5 minutes walk from west exit of Shinjuku Station, Kaneru is a bar specialized in Japanese sake. From the famous popular brands to the rare regional brands, many choices for you to choose!
At Kaneru, you can even do "Sake comparison"! Order some sake from the same region and enjoy the differences in taste and smell. They also offer great appetizers which match your favorite sake.

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