Updated: May 10, 2019
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French Ramen? In the middle of Tokyo?


'Aux Gourmands' is a little French restaurant hidden away in Azabudai, Tokyo. The more traditional items such as the charcoal grilled wagyu steak and the truffle risotto are of course delicious, but the surprising dish this little shop is known for is actually a bowl of ramen!

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The surprising menu item at this little french restaurant tucked away in Azabudai

'Aux Gourmands,' walking distance from Azabujuuban Station, Roppongi Ichome Station, and Kamiyacho Station. Enjoy French cuisine with a focus on bigger portion size. Here, however, we'll focus on a slightly more rare item not typically found at French restaurants.

Ramen at a French restaurant!?

Ramen ¥900
The well-known French restaurant Aux Gourmands has an unexpected famous item that is served only at lunchtime (11:30 ~ 14:30 on weekdays). What sets this ramen apart is the French technique used to make the soup, and the peculiar toppings. The dish uses no additives, and focuses on the quality of the ingredients, making for a refreshing soup that can be eaten to eternity without ever becoming overwhelming.
A ramen dish is of course very rare to find at any French restaurant, but this ramen's toppings also set it apart!
Before the soup and noodles even arrive at the table, the toppings for the ramen here are served first, and some customers even choose to enjoy them as appetizers while they wait for the soup. The meat toppings change daily, as does the method of the toppings' preparation. Here the chef's French techniques come into play. Sometimes toppings are pickled with vinegar, sometimes roasted and marinaded, sometimes braised, but always delicious.
The soup is a delicate, light broth, made with French techniques using chicken consomme and salt. The broth is extracted using an original, soft water extraction technique, and has only a small amount of salt, so is actually quite healthy.
Rice ¥100
After finishing the noodles, you can get an order of rice for ¥100, which you can add to the soup for a different experience. The amount of food that you get for just ¥1,000 is really a great deal, and your tummy will be happy for sure.

The chef who dreamed up this French ramen is a former boxer!?

Eating a delicious bowl of ramen at a French restaurant is already surprising, but the chef who created it is also a former boxer! "At Aux Gourmands, I want people to enjoy themselves. I hope for people to get full and store up some energy while relaxing and eating delicious food." Said the chef, talking about the creation of the restaurant's menu items.

Of course, delicious authentic French items are also available!

Charcoal grilled wagyu of the day, ¥5,000
Aux Gourmands's main items are all meat-based, but the meatiest among those has to be this bad boy. This samurai-sized cut of Kurote wagyu is grilled to perfection and oozing with umami and delicious beefy juiciness.
Truffle and foie gras risotto, ¥4,500
The concept at Aux Gourmands is "luxurious ingredients, prepared luxuriously!" This item has to be the finest example of that concept. Thick shavings of black truffle cover a rich bed of delicious foie gras risotto.
Everything--the appearance, fragrance, and flavor--is complete luxury.
Onion Gratin Soup, ¥1,800
400g of onion is packed into a one-person serving of this scrumptious soup. It feels like less of a soup and more of an onion-y hot dish. The umami and sweetness of the sauteed onions is heavenly.

In closing

What do you think? Will you go check out this little french restaurant's unique take on ramen? If you're looking to experience a new take on the beloved noodle dish, Aux Gourmands is definitely worth a visit.
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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