Updated: July 09, 2019
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Osaka's Best Budget Sushi: Harukoma (春駒)

Osaka City

Harukoma is one of Osaka's most popular sushi restaurants. They don't take reservations, so each day people line up outside to wait for a turn to fill their stomachs with cheap yet delicious sushi that is piled with neta (toppings). If you're looking for a satisfying yet extremely affordable sushi experience that isn't a big conveyor belt sushi chain, Harukoma can't be beaten!

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Marukoma Sushi

Located just 4 minutes from Tenma Station in north Osaka, 'Marukoma' is perhaps the most popular sushi restaurant in the city. No matter when you go, you're guaranteed to find a line stretching out the door filled with locals and tourists alike. Everyone loves the sushi here, and everyone also loves the wonderfully cheap prices!

Conveyor Belt Sushi Prices With Better Quality

The price of the sushi here is comparable to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. The difference, however, is in the quality of the ingredients, particularly the shari (sushi rice), and large neta (sushi toppings). There are about 60 different sushi to order, ranging in price from abbout ¥100 to ¥450. A plate of 2 nigiri sushi pieces starts at just ¥100 for geso (squid legs), to ¥200 for maguro (tuna), to ¥300 for salmon, to ¥400 for fatty tuna and uni(sea urchin).
Here at Marukoma, sushi is ordered in sets of 2 pieces. This is done by writing your order on a sheet of paper and passing it to the server. Luckily, due to the volume of tourists who visit the restuarant, there is an English menu, meaning ordering is easy even if you can't read or speak Japanese.
There are many sushi chefs working simultaneously behind the counter, so the orders are prepared quickly and efficiently, meaning you won't have to wait very long. This is a good thing for people who are waiting in the line outside, but it means that you shouldn't expect to stay and hang out for a long time.
The wonderful thing about eating here is that you can try a wide variety of scrumptious sushi with larger-than-average portions and leave with a full stomach. It's unlikely that the bill will go much above ¥2,000 per person, which is astonishingly low considering the quality.
While you're here, you might as well try some of the sushi pieces that normally are much more expensive, like the uni(sea urchin) or anago(conger eel) which come in large, satisfying portions.

Eating at Harukoma

As mentioned above, there are no reservations at Marukoma, which means that there's no way around waiting in the line. The restaurant will run out of ingredients as the day wears on, so it's advisable to go earlier in the day, if possible. The shop opens at 11:00am, and it's not a bad idea to go a little early to try to get in right at the opening time.
Good luck!
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