Updated: August 05, 2019
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Japan's Cheapest Takoyaki: 15 for ¥100! [Osaka]

Osaka City

Kaneido (甘栄堂) is a tiny local takoyaki shop in north Osaka that has the cheapest takoyaki in all of Japan! If you're planning to do a takoyaki tour of the city, this place deserves a stop!

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Kaneido (甘栄堂) - Japan's Cheapest Takoyaki

Located in north Osaka, about 7 minutes from Dempo Station is a tiny little shop called Kaneido that serves Japan's cheapest takoyaki(as far as we know). The price for 15 takoyaki balls is an astonishing ¥100, or 6.6 yen per ball. It's unclear how, exactly, they make a profit selling the takoyaki for such a cheap price, but no one's complaining!
This is the plate of 15 takoyaki. The size of the takoyaki might be slightly smaller than a standard takoyaki, but for ¥100, it's still an incredible amount of food. The flavors are simple; nothing fancy or innovative going on here, just a solid, classic plate of takoyaki.
The takoyaki can be ordered to eat inside the restaurant (which is tiny, with just 4 seats), or taken to go, as shown above. The shop has a very local vibe to it and kind of feels like being in someone's house. If you enjoy going off the beaten path to find local spots, you'll definitely enjoy the atmosphere here.
If you don't want to break the bank by spending a whole 100 yen on a plate of 15, you can also go for an order of 7 takoyaki for just 50 yen. Consider that a similar order of takoyaki at an inexpensive chain restaurant is about 500 yen. That means that the takoyaki here at Kaneido is only 1/10th of the price! That's unbelievable!

Visiting Kaneido

Kaneido is a bit off the beaten path, located in north Osaka near Dempo Station on the Hanshin Namba line. The area definitely isn't a tourist destination, but it still might be interesting to see a local Osaka neighborhood (and eat 100 yen takoyaki!). Kaneido is open from 10 am to 6 pm, so could be good for a light lunch or afternoon snack. Note that it is closed on Fridays.

If you do a takoyaki tour of Osaka, make sure that Japan's cheapest takoyaki from Kaneido is on your list!
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