Updated: October 18, 2019
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6 Best Restaurants to Eat "Tempura" in Ginza, Tokyo


Most people are probably familiar with tempura bowls or tempura udon noodles, but authentic Japanese tempura is actually enjoyed by itself with some salt. In the Ginza area, there are many great tempura restaurants that serve outstanding tempura, piece-by-piece at the counter, just like sushi.

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天ぷら 一宝 Tempura Ippo

Tempura Ippo is a famous tempura restaurant with the original location in Osaka. The Tokyo branch is found in Ginza. At tempura Ippo, there are several tempura bars throughout the restaurant, providing a personalized tempura experience for each party of guests. The tempura is cooked right in front of you, and is super fresh.
The tempura is served on a silver plate with lemon juice, salt, and grated daikon for dipping. This is a fantastic place to enjoy classic and delicious tempura in a fancier setting.

天利 Tentoshi

Tentoshi(天利) was opened in 1988.Their tempura is "Kansai style," and has it's roots in western Japan. Counter seats, traditional Japanese 'horigotatsu' tables, and western-style tables are available.
Tentoshi's tempura changes based on the season and availability of ingredients! Since it is Kansai style, no eggs are used in the batter, which gives the finished tempura a whitish appearance. This tempura is light and refreshing to eat!

近藤 Kondo

Kondo is a famous tempura restaurant that is frequented by Japanese celebrities. The chef has been making tempura for more than 50 years, and the quality of the delicious tempura here is almost unbeatable.
Here, you order the tempura as a course meal, and everything is left up to the chef. The price is quite high (expect to pay between ¥10,000 and ¥20,000), but is well worth the exceptional tempura that you will get to enjoy.

茂竹 Mochiku

In contrast to the pricier tempura restaurants listed above, Mochiku is a much more affordable, yet still delicious, option. The restaurnat has a nice, at-home atmosphere, and is recomend if you're a Ginza beginner!

The popular dish here is the tempura bowl! The most reasonable one is ¥1,500, and you'll get to try a great mix of tempura in one bowl that will fill you up!

天ぷら 阿部 Tempura Abe

Tempura Abe is listed in the Michelin Guide as a Bib Gourmand restaurant, meaning that the food is delicious while still being affordable.
It almost goes without saying that their tempura is super tasty and beautiful!
When you hear the words 'Ginza' and 'Michelin,' you might imagine a restaurant that requires a super-high budget. However, Tempura Abe's prices are quite reasonable! Lunch will only cost you around ¥1,500, and dinner courses are about ¥8,000! Why not go for it?

Nanachome Kyoboshi

Nanachoume Kyoboshi is a three-star Michelin restaurant. However, to Chef Sakakibara's request, he was taken off the Michelin Restaurant listing!

Why? It is a mystery!
Chef Sakakibara runs his small tempura shop with his wife and daughter and is a third generation tempura expert. What makes his restaurant worthy of three Michelin stars? Well, it's the years of craftsmanship which allowed him to perfect the batter, as well as the secret recipe for his frying oil.
Are you willing to splurge and spend ¥30,000 to ¥40,000 for the best tempura of your life? That's entirely up to you!

Ginza is a gold mine for Tempura!!

Ginza is one of the best neighborhoods to eat outstanding tempura in Tokyo. If you're interested to try some authentic and delicious tempura, head to the area and check out one of the places on this list! Happy eating!

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