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Challenge the World Records and Get a Free Yakitori Dish at "Sandaime Torimero"! [PR]

"Sandaime Torimero" is a Yakitori Izakaya chain that offers delicious dishes for very reasonable price. Since the famous World Championships in Athletics will be held during August, they are hosting an event where you can get their popular dish, 'Momo-ipponyaki', for free if you manage to pause a stopwatch at 9.58 seconds!

Aug 01, 2017(Tue) - Aug 31, 2017(Thu)
Sandaime Torimero
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"Sandaime Torimero"

"Sandaime Torimero" is a popular Yakitori Izakaya chain where they serve amazing food at a very affordable price! They offer a variety of food menu as well as alcohol. If you love beer, they serve Asahi Super Dry for just ¥199! You won't get any deals this good in anywhere else.
All of their food dishes go really well with beer! Their 'Momo-ipponyaki' is their signature menu. It is basically a huge chunk of chicken thigh grilled thoroughly using high-grade charcoal. Aside from their 'Momo-ipponyaki', their "Puru-puru dare no Domestically-produced Tanbi-Yakitori (7 pieces, for ¥999)" is also a must-try dish at "Sandaime Torimero"!

Challenge the World Records!

Some of you might be familiar with this number- and yes, you're right, it's the new world records of the famous athlete. At "Sandaime Torimero", they are hosting an event where you can challenge the world records!

If you order their popular menu 'Momo-ipponyaki', you get to participate in a game where you try to stop the stopwatch exactly at 9.58 seconds. If you were successful, you get a 'Momo-ipponyaki' for free. If the time was somewhere in between 9.48 seconds to 9.68 seconds, you can get it for half the price. Don't worry if you were far off, you still get a Torimero sticker!

1 challenge per group per person is allowed. However, you can try the game as much as you want as long as you order 'Momo-ipponyaki'. Their 'Momo-ipponyaki' has three different flavors, and it is absolutely delicious that you would definitely want to come back to it again. And what's more surprising is the price - despite its huge portion, it only costs you ¥999! Almost unbelievable, right? It's such an satisfying event.
■ Where: "Sandaime Torimero" all branches
■ When: 2017/8/1 (Tues) - 8/31 (Thurs)
■ What: Challenge the World Records! Order one 'Momo-ipponyaki' and participate
Stop the stopwatch without looking at 9.58 seconds and get a free 'Momo-ipponyaki'. Half the price for 9.48 sec to 9.68 seconds.
- Eligibility: You have to order one 'Momo-ipponyaki'
*You can participate with your friends. Your friends can watch the time as long as it cannot be seen by the participant.

So we decided to challenge the World Records, and here is what happened

We were craving their Momo-ipponyaki so badly, that we couldn't just resist but going to "Sandaime Torimero". Since this event is going on, might as well order and participate in a game and get it for free, right?
We were so hyped! The rule is pretty simple, you just have to stop the stopwatch when you think it's been exactly 9.58 seconds, with your eyes closed. It doesn't sound that hard at all, you just have to believe in yourself that you can do it.
But we all know that life isn't that easy. Our first challenge resulted in 10.84 seconds, which is far off from 9.58 seconds. Which means we get a sticker! Although we have to pay the full price, it's only ¥999, very cheap after all.
The challenge has just begun, so we shall see how it goes next time.

1st Challenge: 'Momo-Ipponyaki Tokusei Tamanegi Shio-dare'

We ordered 'Momo-Ippanyaki Tokusei Tamanegi Shio-dare (Special Onion-Salt Sauce, ¥999 without tax)' for our first challenge. It was served on a small hot plate, and its roasted aroma was very appetizing.
You can cut the chicken into smaller pieces by using scissors.
They grill the chicken for a long time with high-grade charcoal, and it is very crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. It goes really well with salt sauce, and it's almost impossible to stop eating after a bite.

Their other flavors include 'Secret Puru-puru sauce' and this summer's limited edition flavor, "Cheese curry"!

Maybe at least 50% off this time!

We wanted to try the other flavors too, and we were so confident that we would get 50% off deal this time, so we decided to give another try.
The result was 9.50 seconds! YES, we get 'Momo-ipponyaki" for just half the price! We decided to order the Cheese-curry flavor.

2nd Challenge: 'Momo-ippon Cheese-Curry Flavor'

Along with roasted aroma, 'Momo-ipponyaki Cheese-curry flavor (¥999 without tax)' was served! We get 50% off, so it's actually half the price. The slightly burned chicken skin is very crispy, and its juicy texture, savory umami and curry's well-balanced sweetness is just exquisite, cannot be described by words. It's such a perfect summer dish.
We also decided to order a summer-limited edition drink, "Lemon Chu-da"! Chu-da is a drink made of Shochu (Japanese distilled beverage commonly made from rice, sweet potato, barley and buckwheat) and Mitsuya Cider (soda) with frozen lemon. Since it is mixed with Mitsuya Cider, even if you are not the biggest fan of Shochu, it's easy to drink. The frozen lemons adds refreshing flavor and it is a perfect drink to have with 'Momo-ipponyaki Cheese-curry flavor'!

Our 3rd challenge: Aiming for the exact 9.58 seconds!

Since we were able to get 9.50 seconds at our second challenge, it shouldn't be that hard to get the exact 9.58 seconds, right?
As long as the participant cannot see the time on the stopwatch, people around you can see and support. So we tried, and...
SO CLOSE! So close yet so far... we're just 0.01 seconds off. We were totally underestimating. But we get another 'Momo-ipponyaki' for half the price, so it's all good.

This is actually very fun and can be addictive that it makes you want to try again and again.

Be prepared! Practicing beforehand is also recommended

Since you only get to try once per each order, and it is pretty hard to aim for the exact 9.58 seconds, you might want to practice before coming so you briefly get an idea of when 9.58 seconds is.

Challenge the World Records and Enjoy "Sandaime Torimero"'s 'Momo-ipponyaki' this August!

World Records challenge event is only happening through the month of August this year. It is definitely going to be a fun game to try with your coworkers, your friends and your family! They also offer so many different kinds of good food at cheap price, so you should definitely check "Sandaime Torimero" out if you're looking for a satisfying Yakitori Izakaya experience.

■ Where: "Sandaime Torimero" all branches
■ When: 2017/8/1 (Tues) - 8/31 (Thurs)
■ What: Challenge the World Records! Order one 'Momo-ipponyaki' and participate
Stop the stopwatch without looking at 9.58 seconds and get a free 'Momo-ipponyaki'. Half the price for 9.48 sec to 9.68 seconds.
- Eligibility: You have to order one 'Momo-ipponyaki'
*You can participate with your friends. Your friends can watch the time as long as it cannot be seen by the participant.
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