Updated: November 06, 2018
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Soba Sasuga - Amazing Michelin-Starred Soba in Ginza

Have you ever tried soba noodles? Soba is a very common Japanese dish made from buckwheat. It can be served at home, or at casual and fancy restaurants. When you come to Tokyo, how about trying the finest soba at a Michelin-starred restaurant? It is a nice restaurant, but still reasonably-priced.

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Soba Sasuga (蕎麦 流石)

Soba Sasuga is a hidden restaurant located 5 minutes walk from either Ginza, Higashi-Ginza, or Ginza 1 chome Station. It is a famous Michelin-starred restaurant specialized in Juwari soba (十割そば), it means 100% buckwheat soba.
The restaurant is spacious and has a nice and calm atmosphere. There are both table and counter seats. An English menu is available.

Juwari soba

They are specializing in handmade juwari soba. Juwari soba only consists of buckwheat and water, usually made by a machine because it is difficult and time consuming to make by hand. The handmade juwari soba has a perfect flavor, smell, and texture.

You can watch the whole process of soba making, from milling buckwheat to cooking noodles, on this video. It is very impressive.


Their menu is simple so you can enjoy their sophisticated soba as is.

Kakesoba (かけそば) is served in a bowl of hot soup (1000 yen). The soup is light yet delicate, which enhances the natural flavor of the soba noodles.
Zaru soba (ざるそば) is another simple soba dish (1000 yen). It comes with chilled noodles and cold dipping sauce. You dip the noodles in the sauce with your chopsticks, then slurp them. They are very smooth, and the rich flavor spreads in your mouth.
Kamonegi Soba (かもねぎそば) comes with a hot dipping sauce with duck and welsh onion (1700 yen). The duck meat is very tender and juicy.
One side dish you need to try is Sobagaki (そばがき), 1000 yen. It is a soft dumpling only made from buckwheat and water. It is fluffy and also rich in flavors.

The Ultimate soba experience!

Don't miss the incredible Michelin-starred soba noodles when you are in Tokyo!
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